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Discover the Best National Park Hiking Trails in Australia for an Unforgettable Experience

If there’s one thing we’re spoiled with in Australia, it’s the sheer abundance of our national parks. From vast outback deserts to lush rainforests and everything in between, our great land has an incredible diversity of landscapes that are begging to be explored. And what better way to experience them than by hitting the trail?

As we’re about to discover, these national parks offer some of the best bushwalking trails in Australia. They are a great way to get some exercise, soak up nature, and, perhaps most importantly, disconnect from the digital world for a bit.

Best National Park Hiking Trails in Australia

So, where do you start when you’re keen for a hike? The good news is that we’ve done some of the hard work for you, and we’ve put together a list of some of the best trails around. They span across a range of difficulty levels and offer different types of scenery, so there’s something for everyone.

Each of these spots is a gem in its own right: Kakadu National Park, Blue Mountains National Park, Great Ocean Walk, Grampians National Park, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, Freycinet National Park, Lamington National Park, and Daintree National Park.

Features of Each Hiking Trail

Each trail is unique and comes with its own set of features. Some trails might be suitable for a leisurely stroll, while others might present more of a challenge, even to seasoned bushwalkers. So, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you lace up those hiking boots.

Now, we won’t be able to cover each trail in detail here, but we do have a comprehensive guide on the best multi-day hikes in Australia if you’re up for a bigger adventure. As mentioned earlier, consider factors such as the trail’s difficulty level, length and duration, the scenery and wildlife you can expect to encounter, and available facilities and accommodations.

Tips for Hiking in National Parks

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting out, it’s crucial to be prepared when you’re exploring Australia’s national parks. First off, make sure you’re familiar with the safety precautions for each park. For instance, the hiking trails in Blue Mountains National Park can be quite challenging, and they come with their own specific set of safety guidelines.

Also, remember to pack the essentials for your hike. This can include items like plenty of water, snacks, a map and compass, sunscreen, a hat, and a first aid kit. Additionally, make sure you are familiar with the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles, to ensure that our beautiful parks remain pristine for future generations. And lastly, always respect the wildlife. Remember, we are visiting their home.


So there you have it, folks, a guide to some of the best national park hiking trails in Australia. Remember, whether you’re tackling the rugged terrain of the Grampians or enjoying the breathtaking vistas of the Great Ocean Walk hiking trail, every hike offers an opportunity to reconnect with nature and appreciate the astounding beauty that Australia has to offer.

We hope this article inspires you to lace up those boots and hit the trail. Who knows, you might even discover your new favourite spot among our best coastal hikes in Australia. Happy hiking, cobbers!

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