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The Best Bushwalking Trails in Australia’s National Parks for Your Next Adventure

Ever found yourself craving for a taste of the great outdoors? Well, you’re in luck because Australia’s got plenty of it to go around. One of our favourite ways to explore Australia’s stunning natural landscapes is through bushwalking in Australia. Known to some as hiking, this popular activity is the perfect way to discover the country’s diverse terrains, from lush rainforests and towering mountains to golden coastlines and the rugged outback. And what better place to go bushwalking than in our fantastic national parks?

Australia’s national parks are some of the best spots to get your outdoor fix. Not only are they home to unique wildlife and breathtaking scenery, but they also offer a wealth of walking trails for everyone – from easy strolls to challenging multi-day hikes. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking for a new hobby, these parks offer an experience to suit your pace and preference.

But, as we’ll delve into shortly, preparation is key when planning a bushwalking adventure. This includes researching your chosen trail, packing the right gear, and understanding what to expect in terms of difficulty and conditions. But fret not, we’ll cover these bushwalking tips and more in this guide.

Top Bushwalking Trails in Australia’s National Parks

Alright, ready to hit the trails? Here’s our pick of the top scenic hiking trails nestled within Australia’s national parks.

Blue Mountains National Park

First up, we’ve got the famed Blue Mountains National Park. Located just a stone’s throw away from Sydney, this park is a bushwalker’s paradise with its dramatic gorges, towering cliffs, and panoramic vistas. You’re spoilt for choice with a range of walks, from easy strolls to adventurous treks. For those after an immersive experience, consider the multi-day Six Foot Track.

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Next on the list is Wilsons Promontory National Park, lovingly known as ‘The Prom’. Here, you can enjoy stunning coastal hikes featuring pristine beaches, granite mountains, and abundant wildlife. Try the overnight walk to Sealers Cove or the day walk to Mount Oberon for epic views.

Kakadu National Park

Moving up north, we find Kakadu National Park. This World Heritage site is home to spectacular waterfalls, ancient rock art, and an array of unique flora and fauna. Check out the Nourlangie Rock Art walk for a mix of culture and nature.

Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Heading south to Tasmania, we have the Cradle.

Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park walks. From shorter walks like the Dove Lake Circuit to the world-renowned Overland Track, there’s something for every walker.

Freycinet National Park

And last, but certainly not least, is the stunning Freycinet National Park, home to the famous Wineglass Bay walk. It’s one of the multi-day hikes that offers an unforgettable experience with its jaw-dropping views and white sandy beaches.

Tips for Planning Your Bushwalking Adventure

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Just like a good barbie, a successful bushwalk requires some preparation. Before you lace up your boots, let’s go over some crucial pointers to help you plan your adventure.

Researching the Trail and Park Beforehand

Knowledge is power, and in the case of bushwalking, it’s the key to a safe and enjoyable trek. Every trail is unique, with its own set of challenges, length, and terrain. Be sure to research your chosen trail, understand its difficulty level, and check for any park alerts or closures. The official websites of Australia’s national parks are great resources for this information. Plus, local bushwalking clubs and online forums are also gold mines of first-hand experiences and advice.

Packing Essential Gear and Supplies

Just as you wouldn’t forget your swimmers for a day at the beach, there are a few essentials you should never leave behind when bushwalking. These include a reliable map and compass, a first aid kit, plenty of water, and sun protection. You might also consider a personal locator beacon (PLB) for more remote treks. If you’re planning on a multi-day hike, camping equipment, and enough tucker (that’s food, for those not familiar with the lingo) are must-haves. Remember, it’s better to be a bit of a ‘packhorse’ than to be caught without something important out on the trail.

Understanding the Difficulty Level of the Trail

Bushwalking trails in Australia range from easy, well-marked paths to strenuous, multi-day treks. It’s essential to be realistic about your fitness level and experience when choosing a trail. An “easy” trail might be a breeze for a seasoned bushwalker, but a challenge for a beginner. Likewise, even if you’re fit as a fiddle, a “hard” trail might still be a tough nut to crack if you’re new to bushwalking. Again, research is crucial here. Know your limits and respect them.

Safety Precautions to Take While on the Trail

Alright, now we’re onto safety, the bread and butter of any bushwalk. We Aussies are a hardy bunch, but we also know it’s vital to play it safe in the bush. First things first, always let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back. It’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast before you head out. Be aware of the risks specific to your trail, such as cliff edges, river crossings, or wildlife encounters. Lastly, don’t forget to carry enough water, apply sunscreen, and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. It’s all part of having a fair dinkum bushwalking experience.


So there you have it, mates – our roundup of some of the best bushwalking trails in Australia’s national parks and tips to help you plan your next bushwalking adventure. Whether you choose to explore the eucalyptus-scented gorges of the Blue Mountains, the idyllic beaches of ‘The Prom’, the cultural treasures of Kakadu, the rugged peaks of Cradle Mountain, or the serene beauty of Freycinet, you’re in for a memorable adventure.

From our favourite scenic hiking trails to the multi-day hikes that offer an immersive wilderness experience, these national parks showcase the stunning natural beauty of Australia. Add to this the diverse array of flora and fauna, and you’ve got a bushwalker’s paradise right at your doorstep.

Remember, preparation is the name of the game when it comes to bushwalking. From researching your chosen trail and packing the right gear to understanding the trail’s difficulty and taking necessary safety precautions, these bushwalking tips can make the difference between a fantastic adventure and a trip to the local hospital.

So what are you waiting for? Lace up your boots, pack your swag, and get ready to discover the magic of bushwalking in Australia. The trails are calling, and they’re waiting for you to take that first step. Go on, answer the call of the wild and start planning your next adventure. The beauty of Australia’s natural landscapes is too good to miss out on.

Safe travels and happy bushwalking!

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