Falls Creek, AAWT & Heathy Spur Track – “short” walk

Heathy Spur and Australian Alps Walking Track

So we traveled to Falls Creek for the opening of the Victorian snow season. We did not ski but hiked in snow and on ice. We got vaguely “off track”. We discovered the delights of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) and are keen to return. In this article we recount a 16km day hike through some beautiful country in the Australian Alps near Falls Creek and the AAWT. It was great to get the first snow for the season and have a terrific walk.

Great North Walk – Sydney to Newcastle by foot

great north walk

The Great North Walk, from Sydney to Newcastle, is a 250km (160 mi) bushwalking trail. It can be hiked over around two weeks or split up into sections as day or weekend walks. You can go in either direction as the mood takes you and your time allows. Many sections are readily accessible by public transport. Alternatively, groups can car-pool. There are many campsites along the way allowing for a terrific multiday hike near Sydney.

Who is Frank? Who cares? He does!

Eyes do more than see

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Spectacular Tasmanian Wilderness calender – Bushwalk Tasmania does it again!


Tweet The crew at Bushwalk Tasmania hold  monthly photographic competitions highlighting some of the  spectacular scenery their members come across while hiking in Tasmania.  They are keenly contested competitions, and for the last couple of years some of the winning entries have been selected for a “Bushwalk Tasmania” calender.  The 2010 calender has just arrived at […]

South Coast Track – Ironbound Ranges and Leeches

Tweet In this post we continue with Larry Hamilton’s guest post on hiking the South Coast Track in Southern Tasmania. The South Coast Track runs between Melaluka and Cockle Creek in the South West Heritage area in Tasmania. It combines spectacular coastal hiking with some (a lot) of slog through inland sections with mud and […]