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How to hike the Overland Track

Guide on how to plan the Overland Track in Tasmania

Wow, did you realise how hard it was to organise hiking the Overland Track?

  • The plan: Enjoying a hassle free trip on the Overland Track. Taking the right gear, food and having enough inside knowledge to make it hassle free.
  • The reality: Heavy packs, wet gear and blisters and then eating 2 minute noodles and being cold. This is after spending days, pre-trip, working out all the complicated logistics of how to get there and back home.

What if you could get a stack of information and advice from walkers with over 18 Overland Tracks hikes between them.

Advice that saves you time, ensures you are properly prepared, shares a huge amount of tips and tricks to make the journey hassle free and safe.

The Overland Track is an eBook designed to give you the skill and inspiration to tackle the Overland Track in Tasmania. Created by experienced multi day hikers, it is packed with tips and ideas to make bookings, preparation, planning, gear selection, packing and cooking meals easy.

The great thing is it includes a comprehensive guide on how to juggle bookings, flights, transfers and accommodation and then helps you sort out gear and food.  It is also current information, the latest update was March 2014.

Best Still – as it’s a downloadable eBook you can have it today (with no need for delivery fees) ! It’s just $A14.50

What people who have used our guide are saying about it

Well, it is all done, thanks to your ebook! I am SO glad I have it, you have no idea how helpful it has been for this trip. Thank you so much. On page 14 you give all the details on travel from Devonport via Tassielink. I hadn’t noticed it at first, as it is under the heading From Launceston to Cradle Mountain, but I was going through the book with a fine tooth comb to see what bits I had missed, and there it was, the Tassielink bus details from Devonport Info Centre, Sheffield, and Cradle Mountain. Problem solved !!!!!!! A million thank you’s.Many, many thanks little ebook. – Georgina

Hi Frank, Just made it back. A wonderful 7 day trip – with my daughter. A few aches and pains, nothing serious, lots of good memories and pics.
Your ebook was key to our planning - went without a hitch. I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on planning. Most are already covered in your ebook, but some personal ones you might or mightn’t use. – Rex

I think your e-book was very comprehensive and complete. It contains a wealth of good advice. I think if I were to do it again I would concentrate on trying to get the pack weight down a bit. We probably had a bit more food than needed and a few unneccessary extras but overall we had the right gear. We had minimal injuries – our daughter had a few blisters and Dianne developed a sore knee but other than that we got through without drama. – Bruce

The Overland Track guide – What’s inside

This 60 plus page downloadable PDF eBook is written with the first time Overland Track hiker in mind. It is packed with inside knowledge and tips to help you plan and execute your trip.

Why are we so proud of this eBook and believe it is a must read for anyone who is planning on walking from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair?

  • Because it’s practical – It is written by two experienced people who love the Overland Track. We learnt the hard way how to organise our trips to Tasmania and get on the Track quickly and simply. We show you how to juggle flights, booking and transfers to the start and home at the end. There is a full packing list of what to take or leave at home. We have even included a menu plan and tips to stop the possums and birds raiding your food.
  • Because it’s easy to read – we have kept the information clear and easy to follow. Broken into easy to read and logical sections, the book guides you through every step from planning your trip to deciding on what to eat or wear.
  • Because it’s easy to use - As an eBook it’s easy to read on your computer or reader, search for different ideas or navigate around the chapters. You can also print out the whole guide or just sections to use or read later.
  • Because it’s for everyone – Designed to help out first timers, this guide is the most comprehensive resource for anyone who plans to hike the Overland Track. It is simple, concise and included a lot of tips and tricks to make your trip fun and easy
  • Because it’s accessible – beautifully designed, easy to read and available for immediate download as a PDF today
  • Because it’s guaranteed – you get a 60 day, No Questions Asked, Money Back guarantee

Here is a sample of some typical pages:

Let us share our experience with you on this fantastic journey.

The Overland Track guide is several chapters all packaged into one easy to read PDF.

Preparation - what to do before you go

  • How to juggle flights, transport and booking availability
  • Where to stay and shop before you start the walk
  • How to get your non-hiking clothes and gear to your destination without carrying them
  • What to pack and carry on the journey

Gear and clothing – we share all our gear ideas

  • Check out our detailed clothing plan including what to wear and carry (and what NOT to take)
  • Read our list of tips and tricks to keep your pack weight down
  • Get details on the tents, packs, gear and equipment we have successfully taken on our many trips

Food and meal ideas – read our simple menu plan and what we take to eat

  • A simple menu plan to get you started on what to eat
  • Recipes and food ideas so you eat well
  • What we take to cook and eat with on the trip

Risks, help and safety advice – We hope you don’t need this advice but we included it anyway, just in case

  • First aid kit suggestions, what we take and use.
  • How to protect your gear from possums, birds and other pests
  • What to do if you encounter a tiger snake
  • How to prevent and treat blisters

Advice and tips – things we have learnt that keep us coming back for more

  • Tips to keep your pack weight down.
  • Huts or tent? What we do and why.
  • Side trips and hiking plan, how we plan our trip

For a full table of contents click here.

Sample pages the Overland Track guide

About the Authors

Frank and Sue Wall have hiked the Overland many times in the last few years. We love the Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair area in Tasmania and have shared many of our adventures through Our Hiking Blog. Based in Geelong, Victoria, we try and hike the Overland Track at least once a year and visit Tasmania as often as possible.

Feedback from people who have used the guide

I came across this great resource during one my regular online visits to the bushwalking forums , Bushwalk Tasmania and Frank and Sue’s own blog “Our Hiking Blog”. I am from Queensland Australia , and am planning a return trip to do the Overland Track and I have been trying to plan my trip from afar.The logistics of planning my first solo OT trip is rather daunting.
I am a fairly experienced through walker, but am still anxious about organising the fine details of such a trip from a long way away.Frank and Sue’s e-Book has been a “godsend”.
The fine detail of “how,when, where and why” are comprehensively covered and the links within to other associated walking resources are invaluable – something no other hard cover book could even attempt to cover.

This one resource will open up an information gateway to a safe and less complicated trip into some of the most spectacular areas in Australia. From which bus to catch there, to what food and gear to take and where to get it in Tassie, is covered.

There are many Overland Track resources available (and this e-Book refers you to these ). What is not covered in these other resources are the specific logistics of organising such a trip.

Frank also offers his opinion and give his wise advice about a range of OT specific areas and it has assisted me greatly in my planning.

Thanks for putting together such a valuable resource.
Steve C.

Hi Frank and Sue
Yes I have purchased your excellent ebook and it’s really been fantastic to have such a resource to plan my trip next month. It’s enabled me to arrange all bookings (Tassielink bus, Centennial hotel, Jetstar, ferry) and of course the permit and pass to undertake the walk. I can certainly see the benefit of flying in the day before and have decided to do so.
(another) Bruce

60 day, No Questions asked Guarantee

If you are not satisfied that the Overland Track guide has not helped you have a great trip just let us know and we’ll refund your money in full.

That’s how confident we are this resource will help you.

Download your Copy Today

The Overland Track guide is ready for your download right now for $A14.50 – to secure your copy simply click the “Download it Now” button below and you’ll be taken to the page where you can make your payment via Paypal or Credit card and get immediate access for download.

If you are interested in both of our eBooks, the Overland Track guide and Food to Go, we are offering a bundled download , saving $10 off the total cost.

Food to Go makes a great companion for the Overland Track with huge amount of additional ideas, recipes, tips and tricks to help you eat great food on your adventure.

Click below and select the package you require.

Package the Overland Track guide and Food to Go to save $10


  1. Grant says:

    Hi guys, I purchased the 2009 version of the book and am still enjoying the read. I’m keen to do the trip next March 2012. I take it you recommend the latest version for accurate tranfer details & flight info?

    Cheers Grant

    • Frank says:

      Hi Grant,
      Thanks for the contact. We released a new version of the Overland Track eBook earlier this year. At the time we emailed everyone who had previously purchased the book with a link to download the free updated version.

      Lots of people downloaded it but we also noticed many of the emails were not opened. We suspect this might be because they registered or bought the book using a different email address.

      We have sent the latest version of How to Hike the Overland Track to the email address you have used here. Please let us know if you don’t get it!

      The new version has a lot of updates and a new section that summarises a lot of the information about transport, accommodation etc. It also has a new “look”.

      Have a fantastic trip!


  2. Bill Young says:

    Hi guys, I purchased both these books and I’ve got to say they are quite informative.I knew a fair bit of the information,[after doing a lot of research]but having said that I did learn quite a lot, in particular transport options.I would recommend this read to anyone contemplating this trip.
    Well done. Bill Young.

    • Frank says:

      Thanks Bill,
      Appreciate the time you took to comment.

      Yes, the transport to and from the Overland track was our biggest challenge when we started walking it a few years ago, that is why we go into so much detail in the eBook. The other main reason was meeting people with inappropriate gear. We thought some simple tips might help them out (and save a rescue or two!)

      Hope you have a fantastic trip!

  3. Caroline says:

    Hi Frank,
    We just got back from doing the overland track for the first time, absolutely brilliant can’t wait to do it again. We live in Western Australia so it took a bit of planning, your guide and food to go were really helpful. This is the first time I have dehydrated our own meals for hiking and they worked perfectly. I think we had much better food than almost everyone, except a crazy Frenchman with an enormous stove and a tonne of fresh vegetables!

    • Frank says:

      Hi Caroline,
      Fantastic news, really pleased you had a great time. We are happy to have helped…..

      We met a crazy American once. He had a large billy (about 3 litres) , 2 packets of spaghetti and a bottle of Heinz tomato sauce 9the stuff you put on sausages) . That is what he ate each night (and for breakfast at 5am once)

      So, planning your next trip? The second time is great, no stress about the distances, gear or anything. The Overland is beautiful any time of the year.

      Thanks again

      Frank (and Sue)

  4. Alison Carter says:

    I am beginning to plan to do the OT in April next year with my hubby. Are you going to do a newer edition, seeing as though your current one is 2011?

  5. Julian McGregor says:

    Ebook would be useful for a novice hiker. Information on logistics was handy. No real information on the actual track. Most of this information can be sourced from online forums/blogs but it is good to have it all in a neat little package.

    • Frank says:

      Thanks for your comment Julian,
      You are spot on, that is who the guide has been written for, firsttimers. As we mention in the guide (and I think the “sales” page, we don’t focus on the track too much as the Chapman book is the best resource for that (and has great maps)
      Hope you have a great trip!

  6. Janet says:

    I downloaded your ebook on Hiking the Overland Track today. WE plan to do it in early March (party of three) and are based in Wellington New Zealand. I am racing through it and am so appreciative of the details to make the trip more manageable and the logistics andlook forward to the trip.
    One question – do you have advice on where to stay the night before we start walking. We are taking the Tassielink shuttle from Launceston on Saturday and starting walking the next day. I cannot work out where it drops us off and what is an appropriate place to stay WE want to mininise the walking and the weight but as far as I can see if we stay in the park we will have to carry an extra meal and if we stay outside we will have to walk extra to get to the start. Is there a shuttle just along Cradle Mountain Rd past the Park HQ and to the start of the track. ADvice as to where to stay in the Wilderness Village area or a motel outside with a diner which will give us access to the shuttle to the start of the track. I hope this makes sense – my head is spinning a little with information overload.


  7. Georgie says:

    Hi Janet. This will be a bit late for your walk this time, but there is a caravan park just outside the park gate, just opposite the ranger station where you pick up your track pass. They have a good range of accommodation available, from little teepee-type huts, to cabins, to bunkhouses. The showers are hot and there are fantastic huge communal kitchen/activity rooms with open fires. I stay there whenever I do the OT. Your bus from Launie will drop you off at the ranger station about noon. The free shuttle up to the start of the OT is included in your track pass, so you only have to walk maybe 50 metres from the caravan park to the shuttle stop. Hope you had a great time on the OT. Regards, (a very envious) Georgie

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