Hinchinbrook Island – Thorsborne Trail – Day 4

Tweet Leg: Little Ramsay Bay to Nina Bay Distance: 3.6 km Maximum Elevation: 74m Time taken: 1-2 hrs Today was almost a rest day as we only had to cover a short distance. It was up late, a wander on the beach and then we packed up and were away by 1030. The travelling was […]

Hinchinbrook Island – Thorsborne Trail – Day 2

Tweet Leg: Sunken Island Reef to Zoe Bay Distance: 6.9.km Maximum Elevation: 232 metres The sunrise was wonderful at Sunken Island Reef and the shot below from Clare and Tom’s tent showcases it beautifully. Clare’s pack can be seen hanging from our rat rope, which is effectively a strong (but light) rope threaded length wise […]