Winter round up 2014 – Overland Track here we come!

Getting geared up with a new hat

Tweet Lots of things have been happening around the Our Hiking Blog household. After moving into our new home about 12 months ago the dust is finally settling. This weekend the garden went in and NEXT weekend we finally head off for a long awaited winter trip on the Overland Track in Tasmania. Heading from […]

Western Arthurs – Tasmania – Lake Oberon attempt in winter

Tweet This video, in our usual amateurish fashion, cobbles together a few moving and still images taken over five days in southern Tasmania. The plan was to walk from Scotts Peak dam to Lake Oberon and back over 5 nights. We were fully aware the weather forecast was bad but had good gear and equipment, […]

Echo Point to Windy Ridge – Overland Track in snow 2010

Heidi - Overland Track Tasmania

This is the second part of a trip report courtesy of Nik Sands from Bushwalk Australia Nik and his wife Heidi completed the Overland Track, walking south to north, in August 2010. We pick up the trip from Echo Point Hut as they head off to Bert Nicols Hut on Day Two. It was to be one of the “snowiest” Overland trips for several years. During the night a good 5 or 10 cm of fresh snow had fallen, and during the morning it continued to snow quite heavily at times. This was truly beautiful, and for Heidi, it was both exciting and intimidating, being the first time she had done any walking in heavy snow, either in the air or on the ground.

Overland Track Snow Walk, August 2010

Snow shoes used for Overland track

Nik Sands from Bushwalk Australia has kindly offered to share the story of his adventures on the Overland Track in August. Nik and his wife Heidi “escaped” from the children and headed off together on what turned out to be a pretty tough and challenging Overland Track trip.

This trip report was originally published at Bushwalk Australia in several sections. Nik suggested that readers of Our Hiking Blog may find it interesting reading. In massive agreement with that sentiment, we present the first part of their story on hiking the Overland Track from south to north, in winter.

Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track – Tasmania – Live’n on the Edge or was it in the COLD!!

Tweet Thought I would put up a few pictures to show some of the delightful scenery we came across on our recent walk. More words and pictures to come!! Dixon’s Kingdom Hut in the Walls of Jerusalem Inside the Hut , probably about 6pm Lots of ice, everywhere….. A lot of the walking on the […]

Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track – Windemere Hut to Cradle Mountain Lodge – – Tasmania

Tweet Up and away early was the plan today as we had quite a distance to cover before reaching our final goal – Cradle Mountain Lodge. This decision was made for a couple of reasons. The first was that the distance to Waterfall Valley Hut is relatively short and we would have had most of […]

Dixon Kingdom Hut to Lake Meston Hut

Tweet Wedge Tail Eagles from Dixon Kingdom Hut. We saw many eagles. They were a spectacular site Ready to leave the hut and head off to Lake Meston (note the snowshoes for the first leg of the journey) From Dixon’s Kingdom Hut we headed south west down Jaffa Vale to Lake Ball. We kept to […]