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Funny encounter at Cradle Mountain

Regular readers will know we went for a wander around the Cradle Mountain area over the New Year. It was a great trip, we really enjoyed ourselves, especially just taking our time and only doing short days. The weather was quite hot for Tasmania and it was a relief to not have a schedule to keep.

We did have a funny, if not weird, experience at the end of the walk.

Arriving back at the Cradle Mountain Visitors Centre we were approached by a rather frantic fellow enquiring if we would sell him our Helinox walking poles.

After a quick chat we discovered that Cathy and Geoff were about the start hiking the Overland Track. They had travelled to …

Walking Poles – free guide on how to use them

If you are looking for some great (free)  information about walking poles or just to read what a local champion  has to say about them, let us introduce Mox.

Norman (“Mox”) Moxey is a mechanical design engineer and bushwalker who is involved in the design and development of outdoor adventure equipment.

“Mox” is associated with the ultra lightweight specialist firm, DAC Featherlite, who produce Helinox brand walking poles. He makes presentations to bushwalking clubs and other groups to explain the techniques of walking with poles that produce most benefit for the bushwalker.

We think he has a very important message and invited him to share his thoughts.

Over to Mox:

I was good at school and my mum wanted …

Nordic walking – fitness for hiking? You bet!

When you were out shopping for walking poles, did you notice some long and lanky, light, one piece poles that wouldn’t look out of place on a cross country skier .

These poles are especially designed for the latest fitness craze – Nordic walking

Ski field operators in the northern hemisphere agonised over how to attract patrons during the snow-less summer months, until an innovative bright spark dreamed up the idea of a fitness regime for deprived snow skiing enthusiasts using cross country-like walking poles to hurtle around their familiar, but now grassy, ski trails. The idea took off and Nordic walking was born.

And there is no doubt that Nordic walking will get you fit. No ifs, no …

Hiking poles – how to fit, measure and use them (properly)

This article  follows up last week’s  How to chose the best walking poles for the job .  We have learnt how to buy the best poles , now it is time to learn how to fit, measure and use them.

Over to Georgie:

Hopefully, reading the good news that walking poles are good for your knees inspired you.

If you bought new poles, or dragged your old ones out from the back of the cupboard, the next step is to follow a few simple rules, take a few measurements and make some easy adjustments.

Using your poles the right way will reward you with easier and speedier walking – something that appeals to all of us, especially on …

How to choose the best walking poles for the job

Walking poles definitely make walking easier. Any age walker should think poles are great, if only because they will save your knees. In this article, Georgie Bull discusses walking poles and how to choose the right pole for the job you have in mind. With such a broad range of hiking poles on the market, how to select the best type and what to look for is really useful information.