Echo Point to Windy Ridge – Overland Track in snow 2010

Heidi - Overland Track Tasmania

This is the second part of a trip report courtesy of Nik Sands from Bushwalk Australia Nik and his wife Heidi completed the Overland Track, walking south to north, in August 2010. We pick up the trip from Echo Point Hut as they head off to Bert Nicols Hut on Day Two. It was to be one of the “snowiest” Overland trips for several years. During the night a good 5 or 10 cm of fresh snow had fallen, and during the morning it continued to snow quite heavily at times. This was truly beautiful, and for Heidi, it was both exciting and intimidating, being the first time she had done any walking in heavy snow, either in the air or on the ground.

Overland Track Snow Walk, August 2010

Snow shoes used for Overland track

Nik Sands from Bushwalk Australia has kindly offered to share the story of his adventures on the Overland Track in August. Nik and his wife Heidi “escaped” from the children and headed off together on what turned out to be a pretty tough and challenging Overland Track trip.

This trip report was originally published at Bushwalk Australia in several sections. Nik suggested that readers of Our Hiking Blog may find it interesting reading. In massive agreement with that sentiment, we present the first part of their story on hiking the Overland Track from south to north, in winter.

The Overland Track – Winter trip with Caitie and Lauren

Marions lookout track- Cradle Mountain- Overland Track

Planning to hike the Overland Track in Winter? Looking to bushwalk from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair? If you have ever wondered what the conditions are like “off season” on this famous World Heritage journey, then this article is for you. Welcome Caitie Moncur who has been kind enough to share her journal notes from a very recent trip. After months of planning and preparation, and one final night of packing, weighing, unpacking and repacking, the time has finally come. We are Caitie and Lauren, 26 and 25 years old, best friends since we were 3 years old and we are about to take on the challenge that is The Overland Track… in Winter!

Wet walking track – give up on dry feet?

Bushwalking in Tasmania can be a wet experience. In this post we share a short video of some of the track conditions you can encounter after a lot of rain. Wet feet are part of any backpacking journey and this video was shot near Cradle Mountain and Lake Rodway. We hope it demonstrates how wet the tracks can be after a good lot of rain. Enjoy !

Overland Track Video – Winter or Autumn, you decide

As we all know Frank is a pretty ordinary cinematographer.

Others have more refined skills that combine a great eye and terrific editing skills.

Let’s introduce Jeff Jennings from  Bridport in Tasmania. He has a terrific selection of videos over at YouTube and maintains a site for his passion,  Sea Kayaking in Tasmania.( that stuff looks really scary)

We came across his video on the Overland Track in Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park recently and thought it well worth sharing.

Jeff has combined two different trips , one in Winter and the other Autumn. The contrast is quite spectacular.

Wilderness Photographer Dennis Harding – Interview

Western Arthur Range - Tasmania

In this article we interview Dennis Harding one of Tasmania’s leading (maybe THE leading) Wilderness Photographers. We met Dennis at Kitchen Hut, near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania a few weeks ago and following a quick exchange of contact information caught up by email and arranged this interview.

Dennis is the author of eight Tasmanian books and each year releases two calendars – “Spectacular Tasmania” and “Classic Images”. Of course there is also a DVD (which looks pretty cool) so you could say Dennis takes photography seriously.

We hope you enjoy this insight into Dennis and the fantastic wilderness images from Tasmania he has generously shared. Our personal favourite is ……? What is your’s?

Quick trip to Cradle Mountain to see “The Fagus”

Late this afternoon we are off to Tasmania for a very quick trip to the Cradle Mountain area in Tasmania. Why? Because it is Autumn and the Deciduous beech, or Fagus – Nothofagus gunnii is changing colour and putting on a fantastic show. We have never had the chance to see it in full “bloom” so now is the time! In this post we share a mini “how to “do” Cradle Mountain in a weekend.

Overland Track – recap and reflection

Kitchen Hut - Overland Track - Tasmania

Planning how to hike the Overland Track from outside Australia can be complicated. We met Alan via the blog when he wanted to hike the Overland Track and only had a few “spare” days on a flying visit to Australia to see his daughter. We ended up hiking the Overland Track, from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair, in five days with him.

Hiking at Pilgrim pace – Soul enhancing escapes

Morning hike

Bushwalking or backcountry hiking can be a spiritual journey. The solitude of solo walking, the wilderness, the potential life-threatening situations, the memories and reflections that come to mind while walking, all combine to create a significant spiritual encounter. The wilderness has seeped into my unconscious with snakes becoming significant primal mythic figures, and mountains becoming symbols of my life’s destiny

Overland Track – Tasmania in Winter – some lessons

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Tweet The Overland Track in Tasmania is a fantastic 6 days hiking experience. It is isolated, can throw up tough conditions and challenge you both physically and mentally. In fact, unless you are adequately prepared for bitterly cold and mind numbing conditions in winter, you risk serious problems (and the possibility of death) No joking. […]