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New transport service for Bushwalkers in Tasmania

One problem many hikers face when visiting Tasmania is transport to and from the start of the walk. It can be a tricky and expensive exercise. Many of the start and finish points are not serviced by public transport or, at best, it is seasonal or intermittent.

Ian Ferrier from Mountain Bike Tasmania contacted us recently to share information about his new transport service for bushwalkers. We have dealt with Ian for several years. He is an experienced “local” who knows his way around the walking tracks of Tassie and we congratulate him on his new endeavour.

Over to Ian:
Mountain Bike Tasmania are now able to offer transport options to the start of the major bushwalking areas in …

Best bird guide for Australia?

One of our regular readers contacted us asking what is the best field guide to birds in Tasmania. Not being birding people we are a bit stumped but remembered a trip to the South Coast of Tasmania where we met some Twitchers.

Ok, so what is a twitcher? Off to Wikipedia for a definition:

The term twitcher, sometimes misapplied as a synonym for birder, is reserved for those who travel long distances to see a rare bird that would then be ticked, or checked off, on a list. The term originated in the 1950s, when it was used to describe the nervous behaviour of Howard Medhurst, a British birdwatcher.

The main goal of twitching is often

South West Tasmania – A change of plan, but two plane rides!

Hiking in South West Tasmania from Melaleuca to Wilson’s Bight and then north across untracked territory, crossing the South West Cape range, and from Noyhener Beach to the Port Davey Track was the plan. Unfortunately injury and bad weather created a few problems causing a re-evaluation and much different bushwalking trip.

South Coast Track – Tasmania – New River Lagoon – Surprise Bay

The track traverses the crest of the vegetated dunes of Milford Creek. The waters of this creek are particularly dark and the ford at this creek can appear much deeper than it actually is. For this reason we decided to take the alternate route and managed to get lost in the bush for several hours.

When we emerged from the bush we were back at the top of a steep set of steps that led to Milford Creek. We crossed the creek with ease and continued along the beach at times it some so windy it was difficult to keep walking. At the end of Prion Beach we climbed the wooden steps up to leave the beach and continued …

South Coast Track – Tasmania – Point Eric – Louisa River

The longest inland section of the walk began with a walk long the beach around a small headland (boots off) to the end of Cox Bight. At Buoy Creek the track leaves the beach and crosses button grass plains before the very sharp ascent of Red Point Hills. There are some campsites here that are not marked on the Parks map which could be used if you wanted to shorten the day. Water supply was excellent.

From the top of Red Point Hills we had extensive views of where we had been and where we were going. There is a gradual descent to Faraway Creek, which was crossed with relative ease. The track then sidles the Spica Hills before