Platypus – Crater Creek – Cradle Mountain National Park

Platypus - Cradle Mountain - Tasmania - Australia

Koji has kindly agreed to share some photographs of a platypus he caught in the wild in Tasmania last week. Platypus sightings are quite rare and we have never seen one in this busy day tripper area.

Over to Koji:
My wife, her uncle and I went to Cradle on Friday for bushwalking and stayed at Scout Hut near Crater Lake. On the way back to Ronny Creek carpark on Saturday, about noon we walked past other hikers and they said to us they saw a platypus in a little creek along the boardwalk so we kept en eye out for that.

As we approached the place we saw the platypus swimming along a creek.

Platypus on Cradle Plateau? – I’d like to see that


Tweet We stumbled across this fantastic picture of a platypus taken by Cain Doherty in the Cradle Mountain area. It is a once in a lifetime shot. Cain describes how he came across this hardy platypus that is swimming in a stream with pieces of snow: Rebecca and I considered ourselves incredibly lucky to share […]