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Vegetarian recipes for the track

Ah, vegetarian backpacking food.

What a popular topic.  In this article we follow up with some additional vegetarian recipes from one of our readers,  Sonia.

Regular readers will recall the yummy Marrakech curried stew, the Massaman curry and how to dehydrate rice recipes Sonia shared in her first article: Vegetarian Hiking food.  In this article we share four more fantastic ideas. Enjoy!

Satay noodles

Serves 2

Packet satay sauce mix
1-2 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
1/2 cup coconut milk powder
1 x vegetable stock cube
salt and pepper
Undon noodles (90gms per person)
Dehydrated vegetables
Optional: chili powder

To assemble

The Overland Track – advice from a first timer

Planning to hike the Overland Track and not sure what gear you need?

You have read all the advice (including our Overland Track ebook) and STILL want more information?

Just love to read about other people’s experiences to build up your knowledge base before you tackle one of the world’s Best Hikes?

Want to hike the Overland Track solo but not sure if you can?

In this post we share some reflections of a recent solo Overland Track trip by Matthias, a young German guy who now lives in Hobart. He did the walk in late 2008.

Matthias has a fantastic blog called Mattworldwide that we have been following for the last few months as he documents …