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Blanket Bay campsite – Great Ocean Walk

Blanket Bay campsite is on the Great Ocean walk in Victoria, Australia. It is great fun car camping and exploring the beaches, walking tracks and enjoying the Otway National Park.

What do you wear hiking? Share your best clothing ideas.

Tweet We have a new eBook planned. Just for a bit of fun. It will be a giveaway on Our Hiking Blog. It is designed to help people starting out. We want to help them get setup with the best hiking clothing for a multi-day trip. The mini guide will be a slightly expanded version […]

Have you been sick before a big hiking trip?

Tweet Georgie Bull, one of our contributers,  has been sharing her “Get Fit” program in preparation for Hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania in September. This last couple of weeks she has been struck down with “the flu” but is finally on the mend.  In this piece she muses over how her fitness campaign is […]

Hire hiking gear in Tasmania

Tweet Sometimes hiring hiking gear is a great option if you are looking to kit up for a trip. You know the times, there may be an additional member join your party, something breaks at the last minute or you just don’t trust that backpack to survive another five day trip without disintegrating. Hiring also […]

Interval training – the next step up in hiking fitness

Tweet How is your exercise routine coming along? In this article Georgie Bull continues her getting fit for a multi-day hike series. If you are new here, we suggest  you read the three previous articles which will give you some background about how we got to this point. - Getting fit for a multi day walking […]