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Everest Base Camp guide – what’s in a name?

Tweet Ok, It’s time for a competition! We need a title for our new trekking guide and would love your help. Jay Reilly, our newly acquired son in law,  has written a brilliant guide all about trekking to Everest Base Camp. It is currently with Bill Journee, our illustrious eBook designer,  and is coming together beautifully. […]

Walking Poles – free guide on how to use them

Tweet If you are looking for some great (free)  information about walking poles or just to read what a local champion  has to say about them, let us introduce Mox. Norman (“Mox”) Moxey is a mechanical design engineer and bushwalker who is involved in the design and development of outdoor adventure equipment. “Mox” is associated […]

Wildwalks – free bushwalking and camping guides

Tweet As much as I spend a lot of time on the internet cruising around local and international outdoor, hiking and bushwalking websites I am still surprised by what I miss. There is some fantastic (often free) resources available with great content is out there that has slipped under my radar. Wildwalks is one of […]