Great Walks? You bet, an interview with Brent McKean editor

Brent McKean - escaping from the office

If you’re an Aussie hiker then you probably already know and love Great Walks Magazine. If you’ve never heard of it, now is as good a time as any to head out and buy yourself a copy. Need convincing? Well read on and you might be persuaded.

Brent McKean has been editor of Great Walks for several years now and is obviously a very keen hiker. I recently asked him to participate in a brief e-mail interview, thinking it would be a good opportunity for Our Hiking Blog readers to find out a bit more about another interesting outdoors enthusiast and also about the magazine.
This is a guest post by Neil Fahey from Bushwalking Blog. Neil does a lot of hiking (mainly day-hikes around Melbourne) and shares in-depth trip reports on his blog. He has also recently written a few stories for Great Walks Magazine.