Hiking in a Skirt – one good reason

Heading into the Walls of Jerusalem - Tasmania - the one on the left is wearing the skirt (Hi Rhona & Simon)

Ok, it’s Frank here. I don’t usually hike in anything but shorts, no matter what the season.

I don’t walk in a skirt and neither does Sue. We’ve never found a good reason until a few days ago.
We came across an article at Dressed in Dirt.  This excellent site,  subtitled the tips and tales of a female backpacker is run by Adelaide Brown. Adelaide is a writer currently living in Portland, OR, she  runs the Portland Women’s Outdoor Club and has done “a good bit of travel” including  a few months on the Appalachian Trail.

Anyway, back to the story, what is the big advantage of wearing a shirt hiking?   Drumroll……

Lighter and better equipped? Hiking gear then and now

Optimus 99 doing its thing, Lake Elysia

We got some great feedback from Ian on a recent article – Gear ideas for a wilderness hiking trip where Larry Hamilton shared some of his observations on the type of gear he used on a trip to the South Coast Track last year.

Ian raised an interesting point about the need / usefulness of modern gear compared with how he used to walk with mates in the 1980’s and 90s. In those days they made a lot of their own gear or improvised using what ever was at hand.

If you have been bushwalking for a while, do you think that gear has improved much since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s?

Do you make your own gear or perform modifications to improve performance?

What is your favourite “old” piece of gear you still drag out and use on every trip?

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Ultralight D-Ring for your backpack

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8 tips to make a good hiking trip, great

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