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Dehydrating meals for hiking – some tips and tricks

We have been having an email conversation with Julie about a few of the finer details of dehydrating full meals. She had a couple of excellent questions that we decided were well worth sharing here.

Over to Julie’s email:

I’ve recently bought your ebook “Food to Go”, which I’ve found a huge help for information about dehydrating meals. My partner and I are setting off on a 3-month outback trip and want to utilize dehydrating meals to save space and refrigeration hastles. I’d like your advice, if you can, on drying time for meals.

Great Ocean Walk in spring

The Great Ocean Walk in Victoria runs from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles. It is a great track to explore for a few days. In this article, Clare Reilly (our daughter) writes about her recent trip from the Cape Otway Lighthouse to the magnificent 12 Apostles with her husband, Jay.

Cape Otway – Aire River

After finally getting onto our shuttle and arriving at Cape Otway at 3pm, we started our 10km walk.

Walking past the Cape Otway Cemetery (a great place to stop and have a look).

This day was the beginning of the spectacular views! Seeing capes in front and behind us. There’s an option for a beach walk, we decided to take the high road …

A Novice Tramper in New Zealand – how to get on the trail safely!

For a complete beginner, going from a casual day hike to a well-planned multiday tramp, as they are called in New Zealand, can be a daunting task. In this article, we will help you make the jump with advice on the essential backpacking gear that you will need to acquire in order to be safe, self-sufficient and comfortable. We will then focus on organizing a walk in New Zealand: with its majestic scenery, first grade tracks and handy backcountry huts, this is perfect tramper country, from beginner right through to expert.

Don’t forget, you can pick up some cheap Auckland flights online and head off to the land of the long white cloud with your hiking gear.

Enjoy the …

Eating well in the Warrumbungle National Park

A few weeks ago we ran a small competition with some Strive dehydrated hiking food as the prize. One of the winners was long time reader Greg from N.S.W.

Whenever we run competition or offer any advice about a trip, we always love getting emails or comments back letting us know what happened…..

Greg and his son Alex have been kind enough to share some words and images from their overnight walk to Balor Hut in the Warrumbungle NP

Over to Greg:

Hiking food – have you tried La Chang or chinese sausage?

Finding protein to add to meals when you are hiking or bushwalking can be challenging. Without refrigeration, your backpacking food options options are limited to either prepackaged (like tuna), dehydrated at home or a pre-dried meat such as jerky or sausages like salami . In this article we discuss using La Chang or Chinese sausage as a great option to add to fresh food when you are backpacking in the bush.