Gear, tent, sleeping kit for a long 4wd trip in the Australian desert


Tweet This article is the second in a series by Georgie as she and her husband four wheel drive  to Cape York and through central  Australia.  This piece focuses on  choosing recovery and emergency gear, tents, sleeping kit and vehicle selection. You can read the first article here –  The Big Trip – 4wd adventuring to the […]

Do I need a PLB? – Not till you get injured – David’s story


Tweet The sound of helicopter rotor blades was music to the ears of badly injured walker David Briese recently.  David was in a group enjoying a picturesque walk in a remote area on the far side of Mt Bogong, Victoria’s highest mountain, in the Alpine National Park.  The four day circuit was to see them climb […]

Best map for Cradle Mountain to the Walls of Jerusalem? Not this one.

Overland Track Pine Valley junction

Tweet Our Hiking Blog friend, Matthias, has an interesting tale of a young German walker who came across him recently on a walk from Lake St Clair, Pine Valley, Never Never, Walls of Jerusalem, Lake Ball to Dixon’s Kingdom. Matthias was alone at the camp near Dixon’s hut, but just as the weather set in […]

Glow Stick – more than just light!

In this post we share a video from Peak Survival about Life Gear Glow Sticks. We have never thought of taking glow sticks into the bush as lighting. This short video is a great review demonstrating the product that contains a torch, emergency flasher, whistle and up to 200 hrs of “glow” capability. Interesting idea that looks the goods (and filmed in a snow cave so doubly cool!)

Sad news, body found on Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Tweet Local newspapers are reporting that a body has been found on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I have posted about missing hiker Kasper Sorensen before, so it looks like his family can have closure….. The Hobart Mercury reports: A BODY has been located close to the summit of Cradle Mountain but is yet to be […]