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Dehydrating meals for hiking – some tips and tricks

We have been having an email conversation with Julie about a few of the finer details of dehydrating full meals. She had a couple of excellent questions that we decided were well worth sharing here.

Over to Julie’s email:

I’ve recently bought your ebook “Food to Go”, which I’ve found a huge help for information about dehydrating meals. My partner and I are setting off on a 3-month outback trip and want to utilize dehydrating meals to save space and refrigeration hastles. I’d like your advice, if you can, on drying time for meals.

Vegetarian recipes for the track

Ah, vegetarian backpacking food.

What a popular topic.  In this article we follow up with some additional vegetarian recipes from one of our readers,  Sonia.

Regular readers will recall the yummy Marrakech curried stew, the Massaman curry and how to dehydrate rice recipes Sonia shared in her first article: Vegetarian Hiking food.  In this article we share four more fantastic ideas. Enjoy!

Satay noodles

Serves 2

Packet satay sauce mix
1-2 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
1/2 cup coconut milk powder
1 x vegetable stock cube
salt and pepper
Undon noodles (90gms per person)
Dehydrated vegetables
Optional: chili powder

To assemble

Hiking Food – How to dry a curry

Our next hike is into the Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania for a three nighter with a small party of friends. It is planned as a relaxed, pre Christmas trip, where the distances are short and we will be base camping for two nights. This will allow us to take some nice food and maybe a glass or two of wine or muscat as a treat.

There are seven of us so we have decided to do our own food in couples and a three. This is because the hiking cooking pots are quite small so a meal for more than 3 is difficult to fit in the pot.

We are planning on having curry one night so  we …