Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track – Tasmania – Live’n on the Edge or was it in the COLD!!

Tweet Thought I would put up a few pictures to show some of the delightful scenery we came across on our recent walk. More words and pictures to come!! Dixon’s Kingdom Hut in the Walls of Jerusalem Inside the Hut , probably about 6pm Lots of ice, everywhere….. A lot of the walking on the […]

Dixon Kingdom Hut to Lake Meston Hut

Tweet Wedge Tail Eagles from Dixon Kingdom Hut. We saw many eagles. They were a spectacular site Ready to leave the hut and head off to Lake Meston (note the snowshoes for the first leg of the journey) From Dixon’s Kingdom Hut we headed south west down Jaffa Vale to Lake Ball. We kept to […]

Launceston to Dixon Kingdom Hut – Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track – Tasmania

Tweet The plan was for Clare, Sue, Colin, Gary and Frank to walk into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, spend a day or two exploring and then head out via the “Never Never” to the Overland Track at Hartnet Falls and then north to Cradle Mountain. In particular, Cradle Mountain Lodge for a couple […]

Overland Pictures I really like

Tweet Below is a selection of random photos that I really like from the DVD that Colin put together from everyone’s pictures. Sorry I have not acknowledged who took what but you know who you are!! Colin’s Snake – cool heh??? Doesn’t look that comfortable Gotta love the way nature gets around things, or who […]

Overland Track – Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley

Tweet Well, the 9 of us finally made it to Cradle Mountain ready to start the Overland Track for my (Frank’s) 50th birthday. We had our usual fast and furious trip up to the mountain with Simon from the Tasmanian Tour Company and following some significant stuffing around with our lost (left on the bus) […]