Five day hiking menu – great dinner recipes

Hiking Menu five 5 days

Tweet We received a terrific email from Meredith sharing her dinner recipes for the Overland Track hike. The menu can be used for any outdoors trip where you need food that will last a few days without refrigeration, is lightweight, easy to pack and won’t spoil. What we love about it is that it is really simple. […]

Hiking food – have you tried La Chang or chinese sausage?

La Chang - hiking food

Finding protein to add to meals when you are hiking or bushwalking can be challenging. Without refrigeration, your backpacking food options options are limited to either prepackaged (like tuna), dehydrated at home or a pre-dried meat such as jerky or sausages like salami . In this article we discuss using La Chang or Chinese sausage as a great option to add to fresh food when you are backpacking in the bush.

Free hiking food? Well sort of…

The meal, rehydrated and ready to eat!

Tweet We’ve been lucky enough to receive a large quantity of Strive dehydrated food.  No, not from Strive but another unnamed source who had a bit “spare”. Each pack is 350 grams and is a Meal Compliment containing dehydrated Vegetables and Lentils. The estimated cost (as we can’t see them on the Strive website) is […]

Sick of eating the same boring food every time you go hiking?

Need ideas on what food to take hiking, backpacking or bushwalking? This 160+ page guide has menu ideas, recipes, how to’s, step by step help, advice, tip on shopping and getting the best food for the trail. Beautifully presented, this guide will help you take great hiking, tramping , trekking or outdoor food every time.

Food to Go update

How to take a drink of wine with you

Just a quick post to let you know we are still busily editing Food to Go, our new guide on how to eat well in the outdoors.

So,what is the current state of play?

Food to Go will be over 120 pages
It includes over 50 high quality images taken specially for the book by our co-author Deb Hadskis.
Bill Journee from Social Media Solutions is just about to start creating the masterpiece using Adobe InDesign.
We are worried it is going to be too long and have too much detail (not a bad problem to have)
It will sell in eBook format (you will download it from here) for $A19.90.
In this post we let your know the various chapter names and share some of the great images takes especially for the book by Deb Hadskis.

Camping Blender – Useless gear #1


There is a lot of doom and gloom in the world at the moment. We reckon we’ll be 90 yo before we can retire unless the share market, and our superannuation funds, recover significantly.

But, who cares when we have the opportunity to find useless bits of gear that make us smile and think, why haven’t we got one of these?
We introduce the GSI Outdoor Vortex Blender! In all seriousness why would you want one of these?

We go camping and take a huge trailer full of stuff but we have never thought of a blender. (Maybe next time….)

Water – Can you drink it in Tasmania’s National Parks?

Tweet Few places on Earth have water as pristine as in the Tasmanian wilderness. These few words made me feel like getting on a plane and heading down to Tasmania for a long cool drink…. The top of Hartnett Falls – check out how clear the water is…. Regular readers of “Our Hiking Blog” will […]