Get to know your feet – How to buy the best hiking boots

Pick the right boots to fit your feet

It is really important that your hiking boots fit well, as you will be wearing them every day on a multi-day walk. Three things can help you choose boots that are the best possible fit to your foot. Get to know your feet and gait, get the right fit and get the right size. In this article all three tips are explored to help you buy the right fitting boots.

Blisters? – Not this time, Sue tries Injinji hiking socks with success

Tweet Blisters, hot spots and sore feet? Looking for socks that help reduce blisters on your feet? Have trouble hiking or bushwalking because of blisters? What are the best hiking socks? Ever since we have been hiking together Sue’s feet have caused her problems. She has an odd shaped little toe that curls under her […]