Food to Go – How to eat great hiking and outdoor food

Sick of eating the same boring food every time you go hiking?

  • The dream: What if you could easily organise your food and eat really well, arriving at camp after a hard day of adventure and enjoy a fantastic, easy to prepare meal.
  • The reality: Eating 2 minute noodles, mac and cheese or stodgy freeze dried food every day until you feel sick.

What if you could get a stack of different ideas to take great food on your next trip?

Food that tastes great, is as simple or gourmet as you want, food that is lightweight and really easy to prepare at camp?

Food to Go is an eBook designed to give you the skill and inspiration to take great food on your next adventure. Created by experienced multi day hikers it is packed with tips and ideas to make shopping, planning, storage, packing and cooking meals easy.

The great thing is it includes menus from 14 experienced bushwalkers and backpackers from across the world. They have shared their food ideas, recipes and menu planning tips to save you time and effort.

Best Still – as it’s a downloadable eBook you can have it today (with no need for delivery fees) ! It’s just A$9.99

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What people are saying about Food to Go

I am really impressed with Food to Go:
– over 160 pages is a lot of content and that means lots of recipe ideas logically broken up into chapters
– five day menus in table format. They are easy to follow and a no brainer for those in a hurry;
– high quality of the photos accompanying the recipes; and
– international contributions that introduce food ideas I wouldn’t have considered.

It’s easy to stay with the same old recipes and menus that we have been using for years. The trouble is, they are boring.

I’m looking forward to trying out some new ideas including dehydrating food which is something I’ve never really got into in the past.

I had it in mind that the eBook would be for hikers but in the video you rightly point out that it is for anyone who wants to cook in the outdoors. – Allan McDonald @ EQUIPnTRIP

Food to Go – What’s inside

This 160 plus page downloadable PDF eBook is written with the beginner in mind but will also give experienced multi day hikers new ideas that work. We have sourced ideas and recipes from many experienced people and created a fantastic information package to make it easy for you to get food organised for any outdoor adventure.

We want the book to speak for itself so just click on the picture below and the sample will open on your screen.

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Just a reminder:

– If you are nervous about buying online
– Don’t want to use your credit card or Paypal
– Worried you won’t be able to download Food to Go
– Have any other concerns or questions,

Please contact us by email We have helped out many people since the book has been released,  it is not a problem.


Let us tell you more about it in this short (pre-release) video, or read on.

Why are we so proud of this eBook and believe you won’t leave for your next trip without reading it from cover to cover several times?

  • Because it’s huge – 160 pages packed with a huge spread of different topics and ideas never seen in one place before.
  • Because it’s practical – there are step by step guides, tips and tricks and over 60 recipes anyone can prepare. The guide on how to dehydrate almost anything, even your home cooked meals, is over 15 pages alone.
  • Because it’s easy to read – we have kept the information clear and easy to follow. Broken into easy to read and logical sections, the book guides you through every step from planning your menu to cooking great meals at camp.
  • Because it’s easy to use – As an eBook it’s easy to read on your computer or reader, search for different ideas or navigate around the chapters. You can also print out the whole guide or just sections to use or read later.
  • Because it’s for everyone – don’t have time to cook or dehydrate food? No problems, there are guides to the best supermarket, store bought or pre packaged meals. Even a whole four day menu you can just buy off the supermarket shelves. If you are looking for new ideas that will impress your friends choose from 40 different main meal options.
  • Because it’s accessible – beautifully designed, easy to read and available for immediate download as a PDF today
  • Because it’s guaranteed – you get a 60 day, No Questions Asked, Money Back guarantee

Here is a sample of some typical pages:

Let us teach you how to take great food on your next trip.

Food to Go is made up of several guides all packaged into one easy PDF.

Preparation – what to do before you go

  • How to plan your menu in four easy steps
  • 14 different menu suggestions from international multi day hikers
  • 7 great ideas to help you pack your food
  • Reduce your pack weight and still carry great tasting food

Dehydration – let us teach you how to dry great home cooked meals

  • How to dehydrate almost any food for your journey
  • Step by step instructions
  • Detailed close up photographs that answer your questions.

Recipe ideas – how to prepare great hiking food, every time

  • Step by step guides to over 70 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets
  • Enough variety so you can eat a different meal each day for a month on the trail
  • Heaps of flexible meal options suitable for unique dietary requirements
  • Vegetarian and meat eaters will love the range and choice.

Store bought – in too much of a hurry to cook?

  • Check out our list of pre-packaged meal options available across the world.
  • Read what other’s have said about their experience with freeze dried food, the good, the bad and the horrible.

Snack and energy food – easy snacks on the go

  • Check out our scroggin recipe, GORP like you have never seen before.
  • Learn what we take for great snacks on the track.
  • Want some Bliss Balls? They will blow your socks off!

Burners and cooking gear – what’s the best to buy?

  • Compare lightweight stoves, all in one place, and decide what is the best one for you.
  • Get simple ideas for your camp kitchen including what to take or what to leave at home.

For a full table of contents click here.

About the Authors

Frank and Sue Wall have been enjoying great food on their bushwalking adventures for the last seven years. Through their Hiking Blog they have shared many simple ideas and menus from their multi day trips. They love eating great food that is simple to organise, lasts the distance and is light weight.

Deb Hadskis has backpacked in North America, New Zealand and Australia. She loves preparing tasty food and has cooked and tested most recipes in Food to Go. She is also responsible for the beautiful photographs that highlight many of the recipes in the book.

Feedback from Food to Go Owners

Fantastic work! Where did you pool all that information from? I’m definitely going to be trying some of these ideas.

I likes it a lot. And the timing is great for me, as I need to start getting food dried for our next walk. Although I’ve been dehydrating food a lot in the past, my repertoire has been very limited, and I’ve been nervous about expanding it due to a spag-bog disaster one time that just put me off the whole business.

I’m hoping that familiarising myself with your tips will give me the confidence to expand my dehydrating skills and menus further.

And again, it looks very professional, and contains thoroughly useful information. – Nik – Bushwalk Australia

60 day, No Questions asked Guarantee

If you are not satisfied that Food to Go has not helped you with recipes and meal ideas for your next adventure then just let us know and we’ll refund your money in full.

That’s how confident we are this resource will help you prepare great food.

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Remember, if you are nervous about buying online, don’t want to use your credit card, worried you won’t be able to download Food to Go or have any other concerns, please contact us by email We have helped out many people since the book has been released so it is not a problem – Frank