The Overland Track, can you afford to hike it?

Ice on the Overland Track Tasmania

Tweet What does it cost to hike the Overland Track in Tasmania? How much should you budget for this world famous wilderness hike from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair? Is hiking the Overland Track, in season, becoming an elitist adventure? We have been reviewing our  Hiking the Overland track eBook ready for an update […]

Spectacular Tasmanian Wilderness calender – Bushwalk Tasmania does it again!


Tweet The crew at Bushwalk Tasmania hold  monthly photographic competitions highlighting some of the  spectacular scenery their members come across while hiking in Tasmania.  They are keenly contested competitions, and for the last couple of years some of the winning entries have been selected for a “Bushwalk Tasmania” calender.  The 2010 calender has just arrived at […]

Overland Track – Trip report – en français

Yann at Lake Will with Barn Bluff in the background

Tweet Vous songez à voyager en Australie pour la Tasmanie randonnée Overland Track? (Thinking of travelling to Australia to hike Tasmania’s Overland Track?) Would you love to read a trip report écrite en français? (a trip report in French) Can’t read French but just want to see some great pictures of the Overland Track from […]

Fungus or Fungi? Weird pictures from the Tasmanian forest

Tiny life in a myrtle forest Tasmania

Tweet Want to enjoy some cool pictures of fungus? Beautiful close up photography of Tasmanian “mushrooms”? A great reason to bushwalk in Tasmania and enjoy hidden treasures in its wettest, darkest environments. In this guest post we highlight some of Tasadam’s excellent images of Tasmanian fungi. Tasadam is a passionate wilderness photographer based in northern […]

Cradle Mountain adventure – a short story

Tweet Adventure around Cradle Mountain?Fact or fiction?A day hike around Cradle Mountain with a twist (or two)? Then this story is for you! Frank stumbled across a very enjoyable blog today titled American in Oz. He reads a lot of blog posts about Tasmania and especially the Cradle Mountain area in Australia’s most southern state, […]

Tasmanian Winter Images – Introducing Tasadam

Tweet Tasmania, Australia, is a photographers dream. Wilderness, huge vistas, interesting elements and unspoilt scenery. Taking a good picture is not hard but getting a fantastic photograph takes talent, time, effort and perseverance. In this post, we invited Tasadam to share some of his spectacular wilderness photographs that focus on winter in Tasmania. Winter has […]

Do you know Tasmania? No? then find out!

Tweet Want to get to know Tasmania?Would you like to walk in a beautiful rainforest?Stroll along a deserted ocean beach?Climb a rugged mountain peak?Camp beside a hidden tarn?Ski across a drift of newly fallen snow?Follow a meandering river through a misty gorge? Then the Launceston Walking Club could be for you and their 44th Spectacular […]