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New transport service for Bushwalkers in Tasmania

One problem many hikers face when visiting Tasmania is transport to and from the start of the walk. It can be a tricky and expensive exercise. Many of the start and finish points are not serviced by public transport or, at best, it is seasonal or intermittent.

Ian Ferrier from Mountain Bike Tasmania contacted us recently to share information about his new transport service for bushwalkers. We have dealt with Ian for several years. He is an experienced “local” who knows his way around the walking tracks of Tassie and we congratulate him on his new endeavour.

Over to Ian:
Mountain Bike Tasmania are now able to offer transport options to the start of the major bushwalking areas in …

Lake side for New Year’s Eve

It was very hot in Tasmania over the New Year period.  We usually hike “out of season” when the days are cool and the nights cold and clear. It usually rains or there is heavy weather.

On this trip, out back of Cradle Mountain to celebrate New Year, it was HOT! We struggled with the heat and reflections off the hot track.

It was fun, of course, great fun!…

Western Arthurs – Tasmania – Lake Oberon attempt in winter

This video, in our usual amateurish fashion, cobbles together a few moving and still images taken over five days in southern Tasmania. The plan was to walk from Scotts Peak dam to Lake Oberon and back over 5 nights.

We were fully aware the weather forecast was bad but had good gear and equipment, a flexible plan and some experience bushwalking in Tasmania.

This video (hopefully) tells the story of the journey. We made a few mistakes, lost a bit of gear and suffered a couple of injuries. We will deal with these in a seperate article maybe titled “Lesson Learnt” or 25 things not to do in the Western Arthurs…….

Due to a severe cold front and low …

Lake Oberon – Western Arthurs – a July trip being planned

It must be silly season as we have agreed to join a  mate of our’s Grant on a bit of a stroll into Lake Oberon (South West Tasmania) in July.  He has been into this area several times and is an experienced Tasmanian bushwalker.

We are (in reality) pretty pathetic adventurers and like flattish tracks and not too much effort when we head out on a trip. Mud, cold and isolation are all ok. In fact, the more isolated the better…….

What can pull us up are steep climbs, steep descents and drop offs. Sue is not really keen on them. She get a “bit worried” about falling.  This is creating some serious reservation in her mind, plus …

Wet feet, worry and tough scrub – Crossing the Never Never

We love to read stories of adversary and tough times. Sometimes hiking conditions can test and challenge you like never before.

In this article we welcome Greg, who has been kind enough to share his recent Tasmanian bushwalking experience on a trip from the Walls of Jerusalem via the Never Never to the Oveland Track in Tasmania.

We have done this trip twice. Our article Lake Meston Hut to Kia Ora Hut via the Never Never has a small map of the area and documents our experiences. It might be an interesting background to Greg and his son’s story.

So, over to Greg who reflects on the trip, often referring back to the GPS waypoints we sent him a couple of months ago to help navigate through this area:

My 15 year old son and I aimed to replicate the walk you gave me on the GPS. It seemed the most logical thing to do regarding distances covered in one day etc. We even started out the same with a trip with Simon from Tasmania Tour Company to the beginning of Walls of Jerusalem! Simon asked me my walking intentions and when I said I was going across the Never Never to the Overland Track he kind of paused and then said, “Take it easy through there. There has been a lot of rain down that way.” I replied, “Yeah, no worries!”, sounding confident but not really sure of what his definition of ‘a lot of rain’ was! He did remind us though that we would see ‘no one’ through there in winter.

The first day was spent walking to Dixons Kingdom Hut and we had an evening of wind, heavy rain and then a decent blanket of snow.