Overland Track – Advice, help and planning – new e-Book release

Tweet Do you need good, practical advice from experienced bushwalker’s to plan your Overland Track hike? Are you having trouble organising the walk from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair on the Overland Track? Is coordinating the Overland Track booking, transport to Cradle Mountain, your flights and getting home again just too confusing and complicated? […]

The Overland Track Tasmania – What scenery?

Tweet Frank, Alan and Leon “conquered” the Overland Track over four nights recently. See Overland Track – last minute post for the introduction to this walk. There was a lot of low cloud, rain and mist for most of the trip, hence the title “What scenery”. We did not see the top of a mountain […]

Cradle Mountain Shuttle Bus – now available all year

Tweet Getting a transfer from the outside of the Cradle Mountain National Park to Ronney Creek, the “official” start of the Overland Track has received a boost this year when Michelle O’Byrne, the Tasmanian Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts issued a press release announcing the shuttle service will run though winter. This […]

Overland Track – last minute post

Tweet Frank is off to Tasmania in about 3 hrs to walk the Overland Track from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. Alan, who he met via “Our Hiking Blog” and a mate, Leon will be joining the group. Weirdly, we are all on different flights into Launceston and will meet up at the airport. […]

Gas bottles or fuel for Tasmanian hikes? One option

Tweet Ok, picture the scenario. Sue needs gas bottles for her Overland Track hike. We know that fuel or gas cylinders cannot be taken into Tasmania by plane or on the Spirit of Tasmania. You must purchase your hiking fuel supplies in Tasmania. Gas bottles (we use a Pocket Rocket) are usually available at the […]

The Overland Track Tasmania solo? – Sue heads off, in a party of one

Tweet Thinking of doing the Overland Track alone? Sue leaves for Tasmania tomorrow to walk the Overland Track on her first solo adventure. It has been a nerve wrecking build up for her but should be successful due to one factor – planning. In January, Sue announced she was thinking about doing the Overland Track […]