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Everest Base Camp guide – what’s in a name?


It’s time for a competition!

We need a title for our new trekking guide and would love your help.

Jay Reilly, our newly acquired son in law,  has written a brilliant guide all about trekking to Everest Base Camp. It is currently with Bill Journee, our illustrious eBook designer,  and is coming together beautifully. It looks magic. The only problem is we cannot decide on a title.

That is where you come in.

The competition is to come up with a catchy title (and subtitle if you can) for the new guide.

It’s that simple!…

Sherry hikes the Annapurna circuit – Nepal (with her Dad)

Thinking about trekking in Nepal?
Reckon the Annapurna Circuit is for you?
Looking at hiking in Nepal on a budget?
Want to read a beautifully written adventure story?

We recently found a jewel of a travel blog. A wonderfully written, detailed site that shares some great travel adventure stories and information.

There are some talented adventure writers around the world.  People with great  skills and a wonderful  ability to tell a story.  Thanks to Nora (the Professional Hobo), we ‘discovered”  Sherry at Ottsworld (we are sure she has been well discovered before now,  but we just discovered her)

Annapurna Circuit - Nepal - Yaks in snow

Sherry uses the tag…