David Noble – A life of adventure

A Blue Mountains Canyon

Bushwalking, peak bagging, canyoning, climbing, caving have all been a huge part of our special guest’s life for over 25 years.

Whether it is a 23 day traverse of the south west of Tasmania, wandering around the Central Plateau and Cradle Mountain area in Tasmania, bushwalking, canyoning or climbing in the Blue Mountains, undertaking long trips in France, Italy and Switzerland or getting wet on a regular basis in New Zealand, Dave Noble has lead an extraordinary outdoor life. Dave has been kind enough to share some of his story via an email interview. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have:

1. How about a bit of background on yourself. Live where? Work where?

I was born in New Zealand and came to Australia with the family when I was four. I grew up at Springwood in the Blue Mountains but since uni days I have been living in Sydney – in the inner west. I work as a high school teacher – so the holidays are good breaks for bushwalking.

Andy Reynolds – Soulfree Adventurer – An Interview


Continuing our series of interviews with interesting outdoor people, let us introduce Andy Reynolds.

Andy, is an Outdoor Educator with many years experience exploring some fantastic parts of Australia.

He walks, climbs and loves snow sports. His latest venture is Soulfree Adventures , a company that “specialise in providing high quality walking tours for the walking traveller”. While Andy is keen to promote his business (and who wouldn’t be), he also has a huge amount of experience in the outdoors and some fantastic yarns he has shared.

We hope you enjoy Andy Reynolds’ story.

O.K. Let ’s keep it simple. How about a bit of background on yourself. Where do you live? Where do you work?
I live in beautiful downtown Buninyong, a small rural village whose key claims to fame I suppose are being Victoria’s first proclaimed inland settlement (Wiki) and the home of the Scody Australian Road Cycling Championships, on our notoriously gruelling hilly course on the slopes of Mount Buninyong, an extinct volcano.

It’s also a pretty nice place to live. I run my own walking company Soulfree Adventures from my home office on Buninyong. This gives me the freedom to work as long as I want (!) and is a great base for work and play.

Let’s get into your early bushwalking experiences. How did you first get into bushwalking? Any particular mentor or group?

I first got into bushwalking as a student at a well known Melbourne private school. Back in the 70’s we still had 3 term school years and each school holidays our loosely described bushwalking group would head for Breakfast Creek, north of Licola in the heart of Victorian Alps.

Walk a mile in Steve Cockburn’s shoes – Queensland Bushwalker

Grass Tree Central. It’s hard to believe that this Grass Tree is over 300 Years old.

We interview Steve Cockburn. An experienced hiker and bushwalker he tells us about is adventures with the Brisbane Bushwalking Club. Areas he has explored or wants to visit include the Overland track, Cradle Mountain ,Australian Alps Walking Track, Guy Fawkes River, Stinson Crash site in Lamington NP SE Qld, Steamers,Teviot Gap,Spicer’s Gap, Mount Maroon, Mt Barney NP.

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Snow over garage

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Who is Frank? Who cares? He does!

Eyes do more than see

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Wilsons Promontory Sealers Cove 2004

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