Injinji socks and toe blisters – an independant review

Tweet Injinji tetrasoks. Are the claims that toe blisters and other foot problems can be reduced by wearing them accurate? We have sourced some independant information. Yesterday we received our samples of Injinji Outdoor Series tetrasok’s as part of a deal to advertise on Our Hiking Blog. In fact, if you order them via the […]

Which one person hiking tent? A suggestion

Tweet Decisions, decisions, decisions. Which one person tent should “Our Hiking Bloggers” spend their hard earned cash on? We are in the market for a single person, lightweight hiking tent. The reason will become apparent in the next few weeks. We posted a question on the Bushwalk Tasmania forum asking Which one person tent should […]

Ultralight D-Ring for your backpack

Tweet Sometime the simplest ideas are the best and this idea is the ultimate in simplicity. Discovered an excellent boutique blog, Gear Talk and web site Home made backpacking gear today. They have been created by Jason Klass, from Denver, Colorado and the focus is on homemade ultralightweight hiking gear. There are several excellent examples […]

Light weight camping? I think not – Our Hiking Blog goes camping

Tweet Lightweight hiking is a goal for all, but when it comes to a summer camping trip all rational thought goes out the window. We head off early tomorrow on our annual camping holiday to Blanket Bay, in the Otway National Park. Blanket Bay is a small National Park camping ground near Cape Otway Lighthouse […]