First Aid Kit- what do you carry?

Laceration and grazing - Alpine National Park - Victoria

What do you carry in your first aid kit? In this post we examine our kit and discuss what we take on a multi day trip. The kit is small and we have used it successfully several times over the years. Have you ever had a bad accident or had to use your kit for a serious injury? What is the worst injury you have treated on the track? What do you think of our first aid kit? Too little, too much? We would love your ideas and feedback.

5 luxuries we don’t need to take hiking (but do…sometimes)

Hiking lady

The temptation is always there. Will I take it, won’t I take it? That special piece of gear or treat the voice in your head tells you to stash in your pack. It doesn’t weigh much or take up any space are the words you hear resonating around your head as you pick up pieces of gear you really know are unnecessary. In this post we list 5 items we often take hiking that could be left at home. What are your luxury items? Can you live without them?

Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack – a winner!

Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack Sea to Summit

Tweet While it may well be into the New Year, another jewel in our Christmas stocking was the Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack. It is a very impressive new product from Sea to Summit tracked down by Clare, our Outdoor Education qualified daughter. Why did she like it? Some specs that may appeal: Volume […]

Lightweight LED lantern – Santa delivers!

Black Diamond Orbit Light

Tweet Wow, Frank was lucky enough to receive  a great new ultralight  lantern for Christmas.  It is a Black Diamond Orbit Lantern We saw this light in use at Waterfall Valley Hut on the Overland Track in September and were very impressed.  We usually just take headlights and a couple of tea candles but this […]