Hiking poles – how to fit, measure and use them (properly)

Walking poles in NZ

Tweet This article  follows up last week’s  How to chose the best walking poles for the job .  We have learnt how to buy the best poles , now it is time to learn how to fit, measure and use them. Over to Georgie: Hopefully, reading the good news that walking poles are good for your knees […]

How to choose the best walking poles for the job

using walking poles over a log

Walking poles definitely make walking easier. Any age walker should think poles are great, if only because they will save your knees. In this article, Georgie Bull discusses walking poles and how to choose the right pole for the job you have in mind. With such a broad range of hiking poles on the market, how to select the best type and what to look for is really useful information.

Do I need a PLB? – Not till you get injured – David’s story


Tweet The sound of helicopter rotor blades was music to the ears of badly injured walker David Briese recently.  David was in a group enjoying a picturesque walk in a remote area on the far side of Mt Bogong, Victoria’s highest mountain, in the Alpine National Park.  The four day circuit was to see them climb […]

Best Travel Pack? – We splash the cash on One Planet

One Planet Wheelie Travel pack train

What is the best travel pack?
What features are important when deciding on which one to spend your hard earned dollars on?
Is there a good compromise between a suitcase and a backpack?

Why the need for a travel pack?

We plan to travel a bit in the next few years – e.g. Cambodia in late August for three weeks

The way we plan to travel i.e. backpacking, lends itself to a rucksack rather than a suitcase

Suitcases are not easy to drag around and having your hands free is a bonus.

We might want to do some short (2-3 day walks) and are willing to compromise on pack weight and harness quality.

Camping Blender – Useless gear #1


There is a lot of doom and gloom in the world at the moment. We reckon we’ll be 90 yo before we can retire unless the share market, and our superannuation funds, recover significantly.

But, who cares when we have the opportunity to find useless bits of gear that make us smile and think, why haven’t we got one of these?
We introduce the GSI Outdoor Vortex Blender! In all seriousness why would you want one of these?

We go camping and take a huge trailer full of stuff but we have never thought of a blender. (Maybe next time….)

Lighter and better equipped? Hiking gear then and now

Optimus 99 doing its thing, Lake Elysia

We got some great feedback from Ian on a recent article – Gear ideas for a wilderness hiking trip where Larry Hamilton shared some of his observations on the type of gear he used on a trip to the South Coast Track last year.

Ian raised an interesting point about the need / usefulness of modern gear compared with how he used to walk with mates in the 1980’s and 90s. In those days they made a lot of their own gear or improvised using what ever was at hand.

If you have been bushwalking for a while, do you think that gear has improved much since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s?

Do you make your own gear or perform modifications to improve performance?

What is your favourite “old” piece of gear you still drag out and use on every trip?

Glow Stick – more than just light!

In this post we share a video from Peak Survival about Life Gear Glow Sticks. We have never thought of taking glow sticks into the bush as lighting. This short video is a great review demonstrating the product that contains a torch, emergency flasher, whistle and up to 200 hrs of “glow” capability. Interesting idea that looks the goods (and filmed in a snow cave so doubly cool!)

Win a Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Daypack

Person with pack

Win a Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Daypack by entering this challenge! Can you spend a night out camping with only the amount of gear that can be stored in one of these tiny packs? Darren, over at his site, Whitespider1066 lists his proposed gear and sets up the rules of the challenge. Looks like a fun way to win a pack.

Best hiking gear? Some Tasmanian experience on the South Coast Track

casio watch

What is the best hiking gear? Looking at bushwalking and don’t know what is the best equipment to take? Want an independent review of hiking gear for backpacking on a multi day trip?
In this guest post, self confessed gear junkie Larry Hamilton, continues his gear review from a trip last year over the South Coast Track in Tasmania. Larry is a great story teller and thinker, his articles about trips and gear are always fascinating reading.