New walking shoes – stepping out in style!

Johanna Beach - Great Ocean walk

Tweet We are approached quite frequently by businesses keen to promote their ideas and/or products via our website. We have a policy of not accepting everything that come our way for a number of reasons. For example, we don’t want anything not related to the outdoors filling up the site with junk. Recently we were […]

Hire hiking gear in Tasmania

Hire hiking bushwalking gear Tasmania

Tweet Sometimes hiring hiking gear is a great option if you are looking to kit up for a trip. You know the times, there may be an additional member join your party, something breaks at the last minute or you just don’t trust that backpack to survive another five day trip without disintegrating. Hiring also […]

Walking Poles – free guide on how to use them

Tashi, the young Sherpa boy handing me my Helinox walking poles

Tweet If you are looking for some great (free)  information about walking poles or just to read what a local champion  has to say about them, let us introduce Mox. Norman (“Mox”) Moxey is a mechanical design engineer and bushwalker who is involved in the design and development of outdoor adventure equipment. “Mox” is associated […]