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Ultralight gear upgrade – is it time?

Reviewing your hiking gear to make it lightweight is a good use of time. Saving weight makes your bushwalking trip so much more pleasant. No more sore feet or backs!

Aarn backpack review

The Aaron backpack is a weird design. A experienced multi day walker reviews how she found the pack compared to traditional styles.

Funny encounter at Cradle Mountain

Regular readers will know we went for a wander around the Cradle Mountain area over the New Year. It was a great trip, we really enjoyed ourselves, especially just taking our time and only doing short days. The weather was quite hot for Tasmania and it was a relief to not have a schedule to keep.

We did have a funny, if not weird, experience at the end of the walk.

Arriving back at the Cradle Mountain Visitors Centre we were approached by a rather frantic fellow enquiring if we would sell him our Helinox walking poles.

After a quick chat we discovered that Cathy and Geoff were about the start hiking the Overland Track. They had travelled to …

New walking shoes – stepping out in style!

We are approached quite frequently by businesses keen to promote their ideas and/or products via our website. We have a policy of not accepting everything that come our way for a number of reasons. For example, we don’t want anything not related to the outdoors filling up the site with junk.

Recently we were contacted by Natureshop.com, who loved Our Hiking Blog and when we perused their website,  we found we loved them.

Nature shop is a carbon neutral online retailer selling products with a strong environmental and social ethos. A quick glance at their about us page will make you aware of how committed they are.  They specialise in a variety of  footwear and gear such as…

How to repair a tear in a tent floor or fly

So you have spent $500+ on a brand new tent, headed out on a trip, arrived home and discovered a tear in the floor or fly.


Is it ruined for ever?
Can a tear be repaired?
Will the result be any good?

Luckily a simple tear or rip to a tent floor or fly can be repaired quite easily, and the result is great!

Our future son in law, Jay Reilly,  recently stayed for a few days. He is an experienced outdoor educator and mountain guide with many years experience in repairing tents. He “volunteered” to repair a torn tent one day and we captured the process on video.…