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Dehydrating meals for hiking – some tips and tricks

We have been having an email conversation with Julie about a few of the finer details of dehydrating full meals. She had a couple of excellent questions that we decided were well worth sharing here.

Over to Julie’s email:

I’ve recently bought your ebook “Food to Go”, which I’ve found a huge help for information about dehydrating meals. My partner and I are setting off on a 3-month outback trip and want to utilize dehydrating meals to save space and refrigeration hastles. I’d like your advice, if you can, on drying time for meals.

Vegetarian recipes for the track

Ah, vegetarian backpacking food.

What a popular topic.  In this article we follow up with some additional vegetarian recipes from one of our readers,  Sonia.

Regular readers will recall the yummy Marrakech curried stew, the Massaman curry and how to dehydrate rice recipes Sonia shared in her first article: Vegetarian Hiking food.  In this article we share four more fantastic ideas. Enjoy!

Satay noodles

Serves 2

Packet satay sauce mix
1-2 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
1/2 cup coconut milk powder
1 x vegetable stock cube
salt and pepper
Undon noodles (90gms per person)
Dehydrated vegetables
Optional: chili powder

To assemble

Energy snack for your next trip – Flapjacks!

We have been corresponding with one of our readers Julia.  The hot topic was hiking food, of course!

Julia  is living in Spain and gets out and about doing day walks and longer trips all around Spain and the Pyrenees. It sounds like a great spot to be,  and the trips, magic.

She was checking out Food to Go and decided we needed another snack recipe and shot it through to share with you all.

Let us introduce the Flapjack.

Over to Julia:

I checked out the ‘snacks’ part and found that there is something missing, so I thought I’d send it to you. It is called the ‘flapjack’, which is a very rich energy bar. I got

Vegetarian hiking recipes

We love it when readers  share information and new ideas. Sonja contacted us recently about Food to Go and asked how many vegetarian recipes there were in the eBook. She is heads off on many multiday trips in Australia and was looking for some new  ideas.

There is a vegetarian backpacking food section in Food to Go but it is not massive. We sent Sonja a copy to check it out i.e. if she was not happy, she did not have to pay for it.

The upshot of these communications was we did a swap, Sonja received a free copy of Food to Go and she sent us some great vegetarian bushwalking meal options!

Over to Sonja:

I have

Hiking food – have you tried La Chang or chinese sausage?

Finding protein to add to meals when you are hiking or bushwalking can be challenging. Without refrigeration, your backpacking food options options are limited to either prepackaged (like tuna), dehydrated at home or a pre-dried meat such as jerky or sausages like salami . In this article we discuss using La Chang or Chinese sausage as a great option to add to fresh food when you are backpacking in the bush.