Reverse it

Tweet We have had a busy week, flat out working on a secret project for the blog (details next week) Clare, our eldest daughter,  sent us this video today, and although it is a bit cliched, the clever use of words and strong message struck a cord. (you do all know we are card carrying […]

Amazing Discoveries


Tweet One of the joys of hiking is the discoveries that we make along the way. Discoveries about ourselves, those that journey with us and the environment. Sometime ago Frank and I were privileged to have an entire two and half kilometres of beach to ourselves for three days. This was a privilege for a […]

“Do You Know Tasmania” review

Snow at Scott Kilvert Hut October

Tweet We attended the “Do You Know Tasmania” 44th Spectacular Tassie Wilderness Multimedia Show last week (how is that for a title?) The evening was organised on behalf of the Launceston  Walking Club Inc, by Ian,  also known as  “tas-man” on the Bushwalk Tasmania Forum. We had a great night and hope to lure Ian […]

Tasmanian Winter Images – Introducing Tasadam

Tweet Tasmania, Australia, is a photographers dream. Wilderness, huge vistas, interesting elements and unspoilt scenery. Taking a good picture is not hard but getting a fantastic photograph takes talent, time, effort and perseverance. In this post, we invited Tasadam to share some of his spectacular wilderness photographs that focus on winter in Tasmania. Winter has […]

Do you know Tasmania? No? then find out!

Tweet Want to get to know Tasmania?Would you like to walk in a beautiful rainforest?Stroll along a deserted ocean beach?Climb a rugged mountain peak?Camp beside a hidden tarn?Ski across a drift of newly fallen snow?Follow a meandering river through a misty gorge? Then the Launceston Walking Club could be for you and their 44th Spectacular […]