Couple Hiking? – gear ideas for starting off on the right foot together

Tweet Michelle Waitzman is the author of Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature. It’s a fun and sexy, but also practical guide for couples who like to explore the wilderness together. She also has an outdoors blog called Love in a Tent, which she writes from her home […]

Hiking Gear – the basics

Tweet What is the best hiking gear for a beginner? How do I get started hiking or bushwalking? Is there a cheap or inexpensive way to start hiking? Clare, our eldest daughter, has an Outdoor Education degree from La Trobe University Bendigo. She is an experienced bushwalker and has skills in climbing and kayaking. Her […]

Starting off hiking? – John Chapman’s advice for beginners

Tweet Do I rush out and buy all the hiking gear I need? Flog the credit card buying something I don’t know enough about? John Chapman has a different view: join a Bushwalking or Hiking Club. John Chapman, Australian hiking guru and leading author has kindly agreed to be the second guest poster in response […]

Gas bottles or fuel for Tasmanian hikes? One option

Tweet Ok, picture the scenario. Sue needs gas bottles for her Overland Track hike. We know that fuel or gas cylinders cannot be taken into Tasmania by plane or on the Spirit of Tasmania. You must purchase your hiking fuel supplies in Tasmania. Gas bottles (we use a Pocket Rocket) are usually available at the […]

Water – Can you drink it in Tasmania’s National Parks?

Tweet Few places on Earth have water as pristine as in the Tasmanian wilderness. These few words made me feel like getting on a plane and heading down to Tasmania for a long cool drink…. The top of Hartnett Falls – check out how clear the water is…. Regular readers of “Our Hiking Blog” will […]

8 tips to make a good hiking trip, great

Tweet How can you make a multi day hiking trip great? What’s the best preparation before you leave on your next bushwalking trip? What are eight key ideas that will elevate your trip to “one of the best”? Reducing risk on your next trek, some ideas. We have put together our “Top 8″ list of […]