Scott Kilvert Hut – have you been there?

Scott Kilvett Memorial Hut is at the back of Cradle Mountain and many people stay the night there as part of an extended Overland Track hike or just visit and check out the beautiful area. A few weeks ago we traipsed around the back of Cradle Mountain and spent a night in Scott Kilvert Hut.

Frank shot one of his abysmal, amateurish video’s of the Hut and surrounds but thought anyone who was planning to stay at the Hut would like an idea of how it looks and the beautiful surrounds it is nestled in are like.

Many apologies for it’s quality, he still has a lot to learn!

Cold, frozen and uncomfortable

Tweet Over at the Bushwalk Tasmania Forum there is an interesting discussion happening with the topic “What’s the coldest you have been in the bush?” Because we are a couple of hours away from the  Easter break and have nothing really sensible to contribute we though this picture might amuse you. Area54  from Queensland (one […]

Compass Points – a cerebral outdoors site


Tweet Ok, A thinking person’s outdoor website and blog you ask? Yep, they are few and far between, as many are full of advertisements or  information copied from other sites,  like Our Hiking Blog! We have just discovered a terrific and highly recommended site maintained by Dave Pidgeon called Compass Points. With  conversations such as: […]