Best map for Cradle Mountain to the Walls of Jerusalem? Not this one.

Overland Track Pine Valley junction

Tweet Our Hiking Blog friend, Matthias, has an interesting tale of a young German walker who came across him recently on a walk from Lake St Clair, Pine Valley, Never Never, Walls of Jerusalem, Lake Ball to Dixon’s Kingdom. Matthias was alone at the camp near Dixon’s hut, but just as the weather set in […]

Hiking or camping with small children?

Enjoy it while you can. You won’t be doing that much longer. Your life changes after you have kids. Do you remember hearing those lines from family or friends or actually saying them? We heard them constantly about how we wouldn’t be able to camp, hike, backpack or road trip anymore once our little munchkin came along. I have to say with a smile, we proved them all wrong!

Our son is 17 months old. He went hiking when he was 6 weeks old, went on a 3 week road trip to the Pacific Northwest at 5 months old, camped at the Grand Canyon at 9 months old and has been to 7 National Parks.

He is the Adventure Baby!

Wet walking track – give up on dry feet?

Bushwalking in Tasmania can be a wet experience. In this post we share a short video of some of the track conditions you can encounter after a lot of rain. Wet feet are part of any backpacking journey and this video was shot near Cradle Mountain and Lake Rodway. We hope it demonstrates how wet the tracks can be after a good lot of rain. Enjoy !

Books to Go – tips and ideas


A little while back we discussed the various luxury items people love to take on a trip.A book was one of the most common “must have” items. In this post we invite you to share your ideas for great books to take hiking, bushwalking or on a multi day trip anywhere!

What is ythe best book you have taken bushwalking? How do you choose a book to take on your next outdoor adventure? We invite you to share your book ideas with our other readers. It might be the best novel you have read on the track, a book you want to read but have never taken the time or a story about the weirdest / nicest place you have relaxed with a great book!
We also suggest a couple of great reads for your next trip.