Siem Reap Sunset – Don’t let the rain trick you


Tweet Our driver from the airport, to our hotel Borann ,is a master salesman and we ended up hiring him for two days to explore the temples. The first evening was to “watch the sunset”, we headed off past Angkor Wat to “the spot”. Joining us were 300 or 400 other hopefuls.  Following a “fair […]

Four women to watch – Outdoor sites worth following


Not sure if it is politically correct to single out female outdoor bloggers but we are today anyway.


Because they have some great adventures, they write really interesting pieces and they love to share (and encourage) others. In addition, they are really nice helpful people and love encouraging women to get out onto a track or trail and enjoy a hiking adventure.
Dressed in Dirt – Tips and tales of a female backpacker

Adelaide (Addy) is quirky, yep, she even describes herself as “a little bit silly. No, very silly.” That’s why we love her. She is as sharp as a whip, clever and writes interesting pieces. She is also regularly out in the bush doing some great trips.

Listening for Coyote – a great read


One of the reasons we manage Our Hiking Blog is the community of terrific people that are part of this site. We are in contact with many people from across the world who all have a shared love and passion of the outdoors. It is great fun to meet new people and read their stories or help them out with information.

A few months ago we were contacted by Pete who was planning to move back to Australia from the USA. He had lived in the US (California, NY, Oregon) since 1997 and had picked up a new job in Hobart. He was asking for recommendations about the best hiking books that contained walks suitable with young childern.

We kept up some correpondance and Pete recommended a book by William L Sullivan – Listening for Coyote – A walk across Oregon’s Wilderness. A couple of weeks ago it arrive in the mail.

Kokoda Track – Preparation, history and weight loss


One of the iconic walks on many Australian bucket lists is the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. Running for 96 km (60 mi) overland (60 km (37 mi) in a straight line) through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea, the track is renowned as the location of the World War II battle between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942.

Frank’s uncle, Bob Melville, was up and down the track a couple of times before he was 19 years old. It has a strong place in the Australian psyche as a small force of undertrained and equipped troops fought the most desperate and viscious battle encountered by Australian troops in the Second World War.
This article is about a group of people Frank has worked with at Uecomm, a large Australian broadband supplier and their shared common goal to hike the Kokoda Track. Some of them did it for the challenge, some for the fitness regime and some out of respect of our Aussie Soldiers.

In this article we share Part One of their journey, the preparation and fitness campaign!

The Cumbria Way – Vicarious fun in the Lake District – England

We have been following a terrific journal by Leigh McAdam from Hike Bike Travel about her recent stroll along The Cumbria Way in the Lake District of England. Leigh, a Canadian, completed the walk in June / July 2010 as part of a walking holiday in the UK. Leigh had a terrific adventure. She has written several articles we would highly recommend whether you are planning the walk, or just want to enjoy a great yarn.

In order of the journey:

The Cumbria Way, Lake District, England

Magnificence, Motrin, Moleskin, Markers & Misery on the Cumbria Way, England

Some of the Best Lake District Walking – Keswick to Caldbeck

Finally a great “tips” article that draws on her experience of walking in England and Scotland. There is a terrific blister photograph for any ghouls among us AND a great new blister product Leigh discovered, it’s well worth a read.

Free Travel eBooks (we’re in one…..)

Trip base travel eBook

Just a quicky to let you know we had a couple of articles featured in a Tripbase “inspirational” travel secrets eBook.

Our three articles are in the Destination book. They highlight places we love to visit.

What you ask? A set of free travel eBooks?

This eBook series is the result of a unique collaborative project, the first of its kind to take place on the Internet.

Starting with just one blog post back in November 2009, the Travel Secrets project spread quickly with 200 amazing travel bloggers revealing their most closely guarded travel secrets.

The secrets were too good not to share! So we’ve compiled all 500 of them into a series of inspirational travel eBooks, available for free download right now!

Andy Reynolds – Soulfree Adventurer – An Interview


Continuing our series of interviews with interesting outdoor people, let us introduce Andy Reynolds.

Andy, is an Outdoor Educator with many years experience exploring some fantastic parts of Australia.

He walks, climbs and loves snow sports. His latest venture is Soulfree Adventures , a company that “specialise in providing high quality walking tours for the walking traveller”. While Andy is keen to promote his business (and who wouldn’t be), he also has a huge amount of experience in the outdoors and some fantastic yarns he has shared.

We hope you enjoy Andy Reynolds’ story.

O.K. Let ’s keep it simple. How about a bit of background on yourself. Where do you live? Where do you work?
I live in beautiful downtown Buninyong, a small rural village whose key claims to fame I suppose are being Victoria’s first proclaimed inland settlement (Wiki) and the home of the Scody Australian Road Cycling Championships, on our notoriously gruelling hilly course on the slopes of Mount Buninyong, an extinct volcano.

It’s also a pretty nice place to live. I run my own walking company Soulfree Adventures from my home office on Buninyong. This gives me the freedom to work as long as I want (!) and is a great base for work and play.

Let’s get into your early bushwalking experiences. How did you first get into bushwalking? Any particular mentor or group?

I first got into bushwalking as a student at a well known Melbourne private school. Back in the 70’s we still had 3 term school years and each school holidays our loosely described bushwalking group would head for Breakfast Creek, north of Licola in the heart of Victorian Alps.

Alaska by two crazy men – a stroll in Denali National Park

This quote tells it all:

As I looked into my brother’s eyes, I could see that he thought we were going to die, and I telepathically agreed. I thought to myself, “This is how those stupid people you read about in newspapers die in the wilderness.”

Sometimes we THINK we are brave and adverturous.
Sometimes we really have adventures, like being caught in a flood

But generally we are pretty conservative, there for a good time, rather than a hard time.

Let us therefore introduce you to Hank and Brian Leukart. They like an adventure, they love a challenge and, if the truth be known, they must be slightly , well…..totally mad.

Over at Hank’s inspiring site, without baggage , you can read about a hiking adventure in the Denali National Park in Alaska.

Caretaking – looking for free accommodation in exchange for work?


This is slightly off topic but thought many of you may be interested in this site. There are some fantastic opportunities to caretake properties all over the world, which may be an inexpensive option to stay near some of the world’s best hiking tracks (see the tie in there!) Nora from The Professional Hobo told us about the Caretaker Gazette a few months ago, and after sussing it out, we subscribed for 12 months to see what opportunites were available. The basic principal is people who are looking for short or long term “caretakers” advertise on Caretaker Gazette. We get an email once or twice a week listing opportunities.

In reality these are welcomed with a mixture of excitement and envy here at Hiking Blog central. Excitement because of the huge number of opportunities for free (or nominally paid) roles around the world , envy because the timing is not quite right for us, yet.

Survival Gear and Food in Australia

Enter the competition to win over $100 worth of kit from our newest sponsor, Survival There are five prizes up to the value of $113.00. Whether you are hiking, backpacking , four wheel driving, rafting, sailing or getting into any other adventure, planning to take an emergency meal and supplies are always important. Frank shares a video of the type of products you can win in this really simple competition.