New transport service for Bushwalkers in Tasmania

Walkers transport Tasmania

Tweet One problem many hikers face when visiting Tasmania is transport to and from the start of the walk. It can be a tricky and expensive exercise. Many of the start and finish points are not serviced by public transport or, at best, it is seasonal or intermittent. Ian Ferrier from Mountain Bike Tasmania contacted […]

Vegetarian recipes for the track

Vegetarian hiking food recipes

Tweet Ah, vegetarian backpacking food. What a popular topic.  In this article we follow up with some additional vegetarian recipes from one of our readers,  Sonia. Regular readers will recall the yummy Marrakech curried stew, the Massaman curry and how to dehydrate rice recipes Sonia shared in her first article: Vegetarian Hiking food.  In this article […]

Everest Base Camp guide – what’s in a name?

Everest Base Camp Guide - Jay Reilly

Tweet Ok, It’s time for a competition! We need a title for our new trekking guide and would love your help. Jay Reilly, our newly acquired son in law,  has written a brilliant guide all about trekking to Everest Base Camp. It is currently with Bill Journee, our illustrious eBook designer,  and is coming together beautifully. […]

A Novice Tramper in New Zealand – how to get on the trail safely!

Tricky Creek Crossing New Zealand

Tweet For a complete beginner, going from a casual day hike to a well-planned multiday tramp, as they are called in New Zealand, can be a daunting task. In this article, we will help you make the jump with advice on the essential backpacking gear that you will need to acquire in order to be […]

South Coast Track Tasmania – Trip report and great photographs

Tweet Sometimes we come across fantastic trip reports and this one about the South Coast Track in Tasmania is a winner. Maintained by “The Sons of the Desert”, this site is interesting, quirky, well written and contains some really great information. We suspect very clever people , who can actually write and photograph, are behind […]

The Overland Track weather

The Overland Track - Lake St Clair

Tweet Congratulations and many thanks to the Bureau of Meteorology! Drum roll…… the Overland Track now has its very own weather forecast. Yep, a specific seven day forecast for the Cradle Valley.  It includes forecasts for “the Overland Track area”, New Pelion Hut and Lake St Clair. Up until now we have always relied on […]

New walking shoes – stepping out in style!

Johanna Beach - Great Ocean walk

Tweet We are approached quite frequently by businesses keen to promote their ideas and/or products via our website. We have a policy of not accepting everything that come our way for a number of reasons. For example, we don’t want anything not related to the outdoors filling up the site with junk. Recently we were […]