Overland Track Tasmania – an adventure

Overland Track walking guide Tasmania

Tweet We have hiked the Overland Track in Tasmania many times. Early on in our adventures we both struggled at times. It may have been the weight of our packs, the mud, the roots, the long days or the  extreme weather. Early on,  the Overland Track and Tasmania’s wilderness always tested us, sometimes to the edge […]

Dehydrating meals for hiking – some tips and tricks

Dehydrating meals for camping or backpacking

Tweet We have been having an email conversation with Julie about a few of the finer details of dehydrating full meals. She had a couple of excellent questions that we decided were well worth sharing here. Over to Julie’s email: I’ve recently bought your ebook “Food to Go”, which I’ve found a huge help for […]

Weekend away in the new Rav 4 – escaping our big project.

September - Framing up

Tweet Hi everyone, Long time no posting here. We are really sorry for the hiatus but have been very busy with a big project.  Late last year we sold our family home (after living there for 30 years) and bought a block of land in Portarlington, Victoria.   Over the last 7 months we have been […]