Planning a week of backpacking food

It is always a challenge to plan a menu for a week away bushwalking.

What food to take and how to store it can be a difficult to work out for a long hike.

With any trip, planning what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a long hike can be difficult.  You want it to be  lightweight, tasty, nutritious and store well.

meal ideas for backpacking
Image: Elvin W via Flickr

We came across Andrew Skurka’s one week food plan for a trip he planned into The Wind River Range in the  Rocky Mountains in western Wyoming, USA.

It is a terrific menu for a 7 day hiking trip.

Andrew covers:

  • breakfast
  • daytime snacks
  • dinners
  • storage
  • weights
  • nutritional value

It is well worth checking out and using for new ideas on your next multi day hiking trip.

Remember, we also have Food to Go,  our ebook that is all about planning bushwalking menus for the outdoors.

There is a large section with menu plans created by outdoor people from across the world. It is a very popular part of the guide with some terrific menu plans that are simple and practical.

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