Landscape photography – how to make your photo’s amazing

One of the reasons we escape into the bush is to get away from the city and enjoy beautiful wild places.

We always take a camera and always shoot hundreds of photographs. We want to capture the moment and be able to re-live the trip again and again once we are back in the “real” world.  It is such a pleasure to sit back, check out the images and enjoy the views again.

We use a lot of photographs on Our Hiking Blog. They tell a story and hope they enhance your reading experience.

Melaleuca Harbour the South Coast Track

Melaleuca Harbour the South Coast Track

One thing we rarely do is process the images. Yep, we are just point and shoot types, hoping  if we take three or four shots of the same beautiful scene,  one of them will be that magic shot we are always chasing!

Why don’t we ‘post process”?

Because we have no idea how to do it. 

We are basically clueless about  how to use commonly available computer software to achieve massive improvements to our landscape images.

That is why we were excited to hear about a new eBook by Sarah and Todd Sisson working with Digital Photography School called Loving Landscapes – the post-processing guidebook.

Reading the sample we were sent just opened our eyes to the possibilities.

It is amazing how much “post processing” can enhance a simple “point and shoot” photograph.  Yes, it is truly amazing how dark or over exposed photo’s or those lacking depth can be digitally enhanced. (and that’s just the start!)



We know this is not for everyone but if you are interested in enhancing your outdoor images, we highly recommend you check out this beautifully produced eBook and learn more about what it has to offer.

The eBook is only discounted for a few days so get in quick.

If you buy the popular Landscape Photography bundle there is a fantastic deal.

Good luck and if you decide to buy the book please share your experiences or email us some images. We would love to share them with our readers.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we have read, tested, used and love and may receive a commission from sales for this book.

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