Ultralight gear upgrade – is it time?

We are heavy weight bushwalkers. Old school plodders who love solid gear.

We  love a degree of comfort.

We love the gear we have carefully collected (and spend a lot of money on) over many years.

Our One Planet packs, down cocoon sleeping bags and all the other miscellaneous bits and pieces that make our trips comfortable and, well, like home.

We do hate sore feet, sore backs, the dread of throwing on a heavy pack after a lunch break. We also hate feeling exhausted at the end of a days walking.

Light weight gear review

Is your pack like this?

Image – Annie and John via Flickr

Ok, where are we heading with this?

We suggest you head over to Backpacking North, more specifically to the page: Ultralight makeover.

Why? Because it contains the most comprehensive and detailed suggestions and ideas for all of us to transition to lighter weight gear that we have come across. Yep, it is thorough work.

Packs were even weighed in the good old days

Packs were even weighed in the good old days

Image: Forest History Society – via Flickr

Lighter weight gear you say?

Yes. Well, maybe not as light weight and evangelistic about everything as Mark Roberts the author  but it is well worth considering. Well worth a read, well worth thinking about.

We will be and many thanks to Mark for all the hard yakka researching and presenting the very detailed information.

Have you gone ultralight or even light? Share your ideas below, we would love to hear what you have achieved in reducing your pack weight.


  1. Jo says

    Dehydrating our food has always been the key for us- we hiked the Overland over Christmas, and my 10-12kg pack was a pleasure (or close to!). We saw so many people on the track with tins and other heavy food, and cringed every time!
    Making sure everything was as light as possible even gave us room for a Christmas Day luxury- a mini plum pudding!

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