New walking shoes – stepping out in style!

We are approached quite frequently by businesses keen to promote their ideas and/or products via our website. We have a policy of not accepting everything that come our way for a number of reasons. For example, we don’t want anything not related to the outdoors filling up the site with junk.

Recently we were contacted by, who loved Our Hiking Blog and when we perused their website,  we found we loved them.

Nature shop is a carbon neutral online retailer selling products with a strong environmental and social ethos. A quick glance at their about us page will make you aware of how committed they are.  They specialise in a variety of  footwear and gear such as
Merrell footwear or Teva sandals and shoes

Johanna Beach - Great Ocean Walk - Frank used Teva walking shoes for a few trips here guiding, they were excellent

They did offer us a product each from their extensive range and we are both very excited now that our parcels have arrived. I am looking forward to trying out my new Merrell Siren’s while Frank opted for a pair of Teva Event M’s. We will let you know how these styles go, with consideration to comfortable and durability, two of the essentials of good footwear.

In the meantime we suggest you have a look at Nature shop . It great that they have done all the research about how the products are made and that everything availabIe has been produced in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s also good to know in this age of consumerism that when we go shopping the some profits are use for good.

Oh, and they offer free return shipping and a long return policy.  Quite a positive approach.

Do you buy much gear online? How has your experience been?

We’d love to hear about your experiences.



  1. says

    Wow, lucky you guys!

    Looks like a cool shop/website, pity I’m on the other side of the planet! ;o) I didn’t know TEVA did hiking boots?! I’ve worn a pair of their sandals pretty much all summer (so in Alicante that’s May-Sept) long since 1991. Each pair has lasted me about 4-5 years I think, and I’ve always been delighted with them! Now I’m jealous they make men’s hiking boots but not womens! :p

    I’ve never bought any hiking gear online… I need to get a feel for the physical object itself.

    I hope your new shoes work well for you!

    • Frank says

      Thanks Cristina,
      They are nice people to deal with too! I used Teva walking shoes on a few days of the Great Ocean Walk and really liked them. We have yet to use these new ones but they look pretty handy.

      We don’t buy a lot online but there is a huge and growing number of people who do. Our daughters seem to only shop that way. 😉

      Frank and Sue

  2. Simone says

    Hi Sue,

    We’ve bought lots of our hiking gear online like stoves, tents, and cooking gear. We buy the stuff that needs to ‘fit’ from stores, especially boots, pants, packs. But we do our research online before we head into a store.


  3. says

    I stopped using modern gear over 30 years ago,& find it is much more fun trekking in 18th century style. I have always made my own woodland Indian centre seam moccasins & have never had any problems. Personally I think modern gear CAN BE a real rip off. More & more items made just to make people spend money on gadgets they don’t need.
    Regards, Keith.
    A Woodsrunner’s Diary.

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