Lake side for New Year’s Eve

It was very hot in Tasmania over the New Year period.  We usually hike “out of season” when the days are cool and the nights cold and clear. It usually rains or there is heavy weather.

On this trip, out back of Cradle Mountain to celebrate New Year, it was HOT! We struggled with the heat and reflections off the hot track.

looking at lake Rodway

Looking back at Lake Rodway after the climb out from Scott Kilvett Hut

It was fun, of course, great fun!

We headed into a Lake not too far from the Overland Track and set up camp. Being a bit circumspect here as the area is delicate and there are no toilets so it is not a campsite we would want to see overrun.

beach pano

Camping on the beach

It was late afternoon by the time we had set up and the sun was starting to drop thankfully.

The start of our New Years sunset fireworks

The start of our New Years sunset fireworks

We had carried in plenty of nibbles, some wine and a small bottle of Coke (to mix with the bourbon of course)

The sunset started to change

The sunset started to change

Alone on the beach, it was calm and warm. The mosquitoes decided it was time to wake up.

The cloud patterns were amazing

The cloud patterns were amazing

As the evening progressed we enjoyed a chicken curry and rice for dinner. Nice and simple for a quick bushwalking meal.

The show really started to include reds and orange

The show started to include reds and oranges

The red wine was tasting quite good but our friends, the mozzies, were very hungry. This was made worse by our small supply of bug repellent.

Sunset hit its peak, this is one of about 30 images

Sunset hit its peak, this is one of about 30 images

It was an early night with us, well asleep before midnight. We stayed for two nights at this spot, enjoying a relaxed New Years Day. The trip out to our hire car at Cradle Mountain was broken up by a night at Waterfall Valley. We met lots of great people heading off to walk the Overland Track. It was fun to watch them set up on their first night out.

All in all, a terrific way to spend New Years Eve as part of a short Tasmanian holiday.

What did you get up to on New Years Eve this year? Were you out and about with friends, camping, bushwalking or working?

Shoot us a comment below, we would love to hear what you got up to.

Oh, if you want to check out more photos of our Tasmanian holiday, Sue put up an album over at Our Hiking Blog facebook page. They include Maria Island, Hobart, camping and eating!


    • Frank says

      Thanks Adam,
      Just picked a few of the sky mainly. Was a great time and it was terrific to catch up with you guys. Schmicko coffee(s) and great conversation. Took us 4 hrs to come down from the caffeine hit!

  1. says

    Wow, looks like a gorgeous New Year’s! Last year I started off the New Year by doing the Tongariro crossing in New Zealand, but this year I stuck to a more “traditional” Spanish celebration: dinner with the family, champagne and 12 grapes with the 12 strokes of midnight, and then out dancing until 6 a.m. with friends. Was fun! But I wouldn’t mind trading it in for those skies and that lake! (but you can keep the mozzies!) 😉

  2. Jenny & Jaye Tompkins says

    Hi Frank & Sue,
    I am BLOWN AWAY by your photos. We have just got back from our planned hike doing the Main Range Walk from Thredo. I am being tongue in cheek as we were blown off the mountain. The first night was howling and we could not find a safe place to put the tent up (the night before a family had lost there tent in the wind and had to be rescued). Day one, we walked to Lake Albina (about 17klms) when we decided it was too risky so we walked back to Rawsons Hut and we can now claim that we have slept in the highest toilet block in Oz. The next morning we came back down to Thredo in sleet, snow and rain.

    When we went to return the epirb to National Parks, we were told the temp. that morning had been -7 and that the wind speed was unable to be measured by the equipment on the mountain as it was too gusty.

    Thank goodness for your advice – be prepared for all seasons. Heat in Tassie, snow in Kosciusko!

    I would love to try the walk again in better conditions but I will have to try and convince Jaye. The area is beautiful and the flowers are amazing.

    We are now looking forward to GOW in April.

    Glad you have a such a wonderful walk – there were several times when I thought about you guys when you did the Arthurs.

    J & J

    • Frank says

      Oh boy,
      That sounds like “fun”. We are very impressed, must have been a tough couple of days. We got that weather here in Vic, Tassie got a big dump of snow too!

      We have never been up that way, flowers sound nice if the weather was good 😉

      The GOW is spectacular. Might be worth an email and phone chat with Frank about it. He did it a few times recently.

      Cheers and don’t stress Jaye, the good days far out weigh the bad when you are bushwalking…….

      Frank and Sue

    • Georgie says

      Jenny and Jaye. We were a bit further south, at Mansfield/Stirling/Buller. Fortunately we missed the bad wind, although it was very cold on Mt Stirling summit. We headed for Craig’s hut V3, where they filmed Man from Snowy River, to have lunch, but found 20 4WDs crammed into the bitumen car park and very noisy people everywhere! We turned around and walked back to Cricket pitch to have a very late lunch. How were the flies on Kosciusko? As big as dinnerplates? Or blown away? Do go back, it is magic country. Enjoy GOW – lucky you. Regards, G

      • Jenny & Jaye Tompkins says

        Hi Georgie, I was looking for a plus regarding our venture and you have just reminded me. After purchasing head nets and lots of insect repellant, we did not spot one fly. They would have been ‘super flies’ to withstand those conditions. I think I have talked Jaye into trying the walk again although this time as a 20 klm day walk!! It is just finding the time. Glad you enjoyed your walk, sounds great. Jenny

  3. says

    By New Year’s it should have been raining and snowing in California, but instead we got a bone-dry December and first half of January. We were dead-tired from family-related travelling, but managed to get the canoe out to the nearby delta, which we haven’t explored much yet. Even managed to shoot some video :

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