Walk and get paid to do it? You bet!

Things have been busy around the Our Hiking Blog household.

We have just returned from Siem Reap, Cambodia and had a great break exploring many areas, in particular some beautiful temples.  It is a terrific place to visit, wonderful people, fascinating culture and excellent food.   Many things about Cambodia can be very confronting.  There is a lot of government corruption or inaction, poverty, poor infrastructure and the ever present undertone of westerners preying on people who are looking for a way to make some money, no matter how… That being said, we really enjoyed our time.

It is great to be back in Australia. The complicated bit has been amid all the travel planning, journey and return to Australia, Frank has managed to  secure a  part time role as a guide with a local adventure travel company.  Yep,  commencing Thursday, he is the Raw Travel Great Ocean Walk “expert”and will be guiding groups on that spectacular coastal walk here in Victoria, Australia.

Cape Otway Lighthouse from the track

Cape Otway Lighthouse from the track

This is an interesting new challenge.  The trips vary in length from 3 – 7 days and are based in off track accommodation either at Apollo Bay, Cape Otway or Port Campbell.  Having  just done a recky for a planned new eBook on the Great Ocean Walk it will be a pleasure to share this beautiful area with visitors from across the country.

Walking track Great Ocean Walk

Walking track Great Ocean Walk

When we get a chance,  more details will be shared here. For example, he has purchased a new pack, clothing and completed a level 2 First Aid course.  These should be the basis for some interesting articles that are  relevant to many of you.

So, a new challenge beckons and mixing his existing IT work with some outdoor adventures seems like a great way to spend a few months!


  1. Frank says

    @Greg – thanks! Bit nervous about it but at least I know the area. Shame about the weather forecast for the first one, a bit damp 😉

    @Simone – you are right, having it close to home works well we hope. Not too much travelling time away….

    @Steve – it was an interesting process with Dave from Raw so I actually had to make an effort and prove I could do it. He even checked a couple of references! Impressed by the type of trip he wants the customers to have, hope I am up to it!

  2. Alan Holzman says

    Frank, Congratulations! I already knew what I great guide you are. Without your help I wouldn’t have been able to do the OT and without your company (and Leon, of course) it likely wouldn’t have been one of my life’s great experiences. You still have an open invitation to let me guide you into Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

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