Great Ocean Walk recky – two magic coastal walking days

It was “W” kind of week. Wild, wet and windy weather but the mission was planned. Lunches cancelled, families organised and spaces made in our calenders.

Deb and Frank were on a mission to traverse some of the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria and nothing was going to stop us.

We had planned this recky trip for months and finally were able to get away for a couple of days.

Why? Because we live so close to this fantastic coastal walk and have done most of it. It is brilliant. In this case, we thought it was time to produce a guide similar to our Overland Track one.  You can’t write a guide without research, and a few photographs, so this was the mission.

Now we did have my old Ute loaded up with camping gear, tents, eskies and cooking stuff. We DID plan to camp at Bimbi Park (Cape Otway Caravan Park) , honest. Arriving in a hail storm in the dark was not going to stop Deb and Frank having a couple of nights in the tent. That is until we met Frank. Yep, another Frank the owner (with his wife Katrina) of this terrific place to base yourself for the Great Ocean Walk.

Frank is a good operator. He is passionate about the Great Ocean Walk and the Great Ocean Road area. He was also very convincing that a cabin might be a good option for this trip. You know, we needed somewhere to make notes at night and upload photo’s and stuff…. besides it was hailing and it was 8pm. And there was a fire tub just outside the cabin we could get roaring if we wanted to pretend we were camping.

So the cabin it was. Sweet. (and don’t be fooled by this photograph, they are excellent inside)

Bimbi Park Cabin - Cape Otway Caravan Park

It was up and atom (slowly) after a few drinks around the fire, under umbrellas…. and away to the Cape Otway Lighthouse to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise at Cape Otway - Great Ocean Walk

We had arranged with Abby from GOR Shuttles to do a car drop.  Abby is very knowledgable about the “how to’s” of car shuffles, walk in stay out or various other combinations of how to get around on the walk.  In this case we met him at Moonlight Head and he dropped us back at Joanna Beach.  We only had a lazy 20+ km to walk to the car…..

It was a toughish day.  A bit dehydrated and tired from the antics around the fire the night before we took around 7 hours to reach the car.  We won’t go into detail here but it is a terrific walk.  Great views, special vistas, varying track conditions.

The next day we met Abby at Princetown and started walking from Wreck Beach.  This was to be a 15 km day and turned out to be spectacular. The beach walking is amazing and around every corner there is a great view.

The final leg we did has only been opened for a few months and runs from Ryan’s Den along the coast. This replaces a really boring inland road walking section (well done Parks Victoria)

Every now and then the 12 Apostles come into view and it is just magic.  The track is well graded and close to the awe inspiring coast. The walking is relatively easy with lots of spots to stop, have a seat or take a photograph.

12 Apostles - Great Ocean Walk

We finished at Princetown due to time constraints but will be back to walk the rest of the new section.

It is a magic walk and a credit to the designers and visionaries who created it. We will be back to finish our notes and photography for the new guide. Put this one on your list.

Have you walked any of the Great Ocean Walk?

If so, what was your favourite section?

By the way, we have uploaded more photo’s over at Our Hiking Blog’s Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Frank at Bimbi Park for hosting us and to Abby for wasting fuel driving us around. Much appreciated.


  1. says

    Nice photos Frank. Looks like the new camera is doing its job :) I love this walk and in fact I like it so much I’ve done it twice! It’s great as it is, but will be even better when the ‘roadside walking’ sections get ditched. I know it’s due to access and it’s not Parks Victoria’s fault that those sections exist. Well, that’s what I’m led to believe! Anyone who has done the walk will know exactly what I mean…

    • Frank says

      Thanks Greg,
      Got a long way to go with getting good shots…..

      Agree about the walk, it is fantastic. Parks are working on the “road” bits. The new section is brilliant as are all the campsites. Simple basic facilities that work!
      Thanks for dropping by

  2. Jenny & Jaye Tompkins says

    Hi Frank,

    We can’t wait to do the walk in April 2012. Any idea when your book will be out? – not pressuring you at all!!! The photos are amazing. We are camping on track for the seven nights, hope we don’t find this too much. I suppose it depends on the weather.

    Glad you and Deb enjoyed your weekend.


    • Frank says

      lol Jenny,
      No pressure! We are just doing the research. We should have it well done by then.

      7 nights will be perfect, the days walking won’t be too long. You can have a splash around if it is warm.

      Don’t forget our offer for a bed, we think we will be around!

  3. says

    Hello Frank,
    I think the cabin idea was the start of a really great trip. Good move. :) The Lost Coast is a coastal hike in northern California that is on “My Life Trip” list that reminds me of The Great Ocean Walk. So cool. What camera are you using?

    • Frank says

      Hi Rockin!
      Yes, the cabin was great but different to our usual style of a tent.
      The camera is a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V – – here is a good review It is def not lightweight but excellent for travel and would be very tempted to take it on trips..
      I just posted some images on my personal FB page but will share them on the Our Hiking Blog page.

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