The StickPic – how to take shots of yourself and the scenery

Have you ever been on a trip and wished you could take a photo or video of both yourself and the scenery? Of course it’s possible with a tripod or handy object like a tree stump. This does involve some mucking around testing where to stand or getting a photo of your back as you run back to position as the camera timer goes off.

This is where the StickPic comes in handy. A while ago we contacted one of the inventors, Rod, and squeezed a free sample out of him.  It sat around for a while and we finally took it on our last trip to Tasmania.

Rather than explaining it all here, we produced another of our rough and ready videos to describe what it is and how it works.

StickPic’s Australian distributor is Jeff over at AMTC Gear. We tried to nab a discount for Our Hiking Blog readers but Jeff tells me the margins are pretty lean so no go. The sales page is here  if you are interested in nabbing one, they are $A16. Sorry, I got the cost wrong in the video….

Have you ever used a StickPic?

What do you prefer, pictures with people in them or just scenery?

Any other ideas to include yourself in a picture when you are hiking?


  1. Steve W says

    Hi Frank,
    Nifty little device for those of us who have arms that just aren’t long enough! Trying to find that level stump or precarious branch to balance the camera on is virtually eliminated whilst having the security of holding the camera yourself. It also utilises equipment you already have out hiking + maybe a few grams. Could be used to get that extra dimension to a shot as well e.g. out over a creek or above vegetation. A great simple idea but watch those cliff edges!

  2. Ryan says

    Looks like an interesting product. Looks good for self portraits as well as interesting photos with the camera suspended out from a lookout/precipice.

    How do you reckon it would go with a SLR and lens weighing about 1kg?

  3. says

    You are so fun to watch on your video. So fun. I am a StickPic fan, although I have been known to loose the tricky little device. This summer I used it with my iphone 4 using a phone case that featured a detachable tripod mount:
    XShot Xsip4 iPhone 4 Case w/mini Tripod
    It worked great and was lightweight. I did add a bright RED small leash to the Stickpic to prevent it from getting lost. Worked like a charm.

    • Frank says

      Ah Ha, so that is how you did it! I knew you were using an iPhone to record images and post articles but did not know there was a cover that would adapt to an Iphone for a tripod etc

      Glad you liked the vids, your’s have been great, really told a story!

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