Lake Cygnus ascent in snow

For anyone who might be interested we made it out ok from our trip into Lake Oberon in the Western Arthurs, Tasmania.

It was a challenging trip and once we get back to a computer instead of an iPad we will write up a few articles.

For anyone who is interested , this link will shoot you across to You Tube where we uploaded a video of our ascent out of Lake Cygnus. We had spent two nights there as conditions were too dangerous to go into Lake Oberon.

Tasmania was hit by pretty serious weather while we were out. We knew it was coming and were well prepared, if not a bit “adventurous”. Once we get over a bit of frost nip on a couple of fingers and Sue recovers from a very sore lower sternum we will be set to go again ……

Many thanks to Grant who was a very, very patient walking companion.


    • Frank says

      Lol, you would have been In your element.

      Had 20cm snow the first night at Lake Cygnus and then after a day in the tent another 20-30cm. Was a tad cold……

    • Frank says

      Oh, forgot to say, we knew the weather would be bad but the bushwalkers alerts came out at 6am on the morning after we started, just before we headed up to moraine A etc.

      Never felt wind and cold like it was up there. Lost both our pack covers , they would be in Lake Pedder or beyond by now.

  1. says

    It was certainly some extreme weather over the last week. I was interested to see how you got on, as I was watching the weather.
    Not just cold, but windy too… Over 100 kph gusts were common last week.

  2. Georgie says

    Hi Sue and Frank
    Congratulations, well done – the video shows just how hard it really was. How did the new blow-up sleeping mats go? Did they keep out the ground cold? How did the sleepingbag linings go? Did they keep you 8 degrees warmer. Really looking forward to your posts on the trip. Well done. Kind regards, Georgie

    • Frank says

      Hi Georgie,
      All the new gear was great, especially the mats. It all certainly got tested. Currently in reflection mode as it was all a bit confronting to two oldies like us.

      Lots and lots of learnings and stuff to share but will have to think about it all first……

  3. Steve Cockburn says

    Good one Frank. Do you have any other pics??
    What tent and set up did you have to withstand this onslaught??

    • Frank says

      Hi Steve,
      We have a lot more pics and our “professional” video’s to share once we get home from Tassie. Spent last night at Freychinet Lodge and tonight at Cradle Mountain chateau. All good 😉

  4. Jenny & Jaye Tompkins says

    OMG!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy that stay at Cradle Mtn. You have gone up even further in my estimation. Can’t wait to read the full story. J & J

  5. Bill says

    wow!!! What a great way of checking out gear to see if it can stand up to the elements. Read they had wind gusts of close to 190km/hr on top of Mt. Wellington, so you really did cope it were you where. Look forward to hearing the full report


    • Frank says

      Thanks Bill,
      It was so cold the second day heading across the plateau from Moraine A to Lake Cygnus the buckles on our packs froze solid and our gortex mittens were stiff with ice.

      The morning we decided to head out ( just before the video was taken) Sue’s pack was under 6″ of snow even though it was under the fly of our tent. Had to pour water on the buckles and tent zips to defrost em.

  6. john says

    Yes well done. The weather has been pretty rough in Tassie lately. Looks like you did well. I am looking forward to more pics and video’s.
    A couple of glasses of red at the lodge would have gone down very nicely after that:)

    • Frank says

      Thanks John,
      Yes, we have been taking a bit of medication ( moderately of course) spent a couple of terrific nights in Hobart and then last night at Freycinet Lodge. Now bunkered down at Cradle Mountain Chateau after a fine meal, a red or two and a great warm fire. There is 20cm of snow around the place and a howling, howling wind!

  7. says

    Well done Frank for making it out in one piece! So, what’s your recommendation? Give the Western Arthurs a miss in July?!

    • Frank says

      Lol, thanks Greg,
      Only thing I can say is that unless you were fully geared up and have experience hiking in Tasmanian conditions do not go in there at any time. The week before we were there the weather was great (even for July) BUT it can change at any time. We are not (and never will be) Western Arthur experts. It is an unforgiving place with no escape clause like a hut or shelter (such as on the Overland Track)
      We just had that week as a window of opportunity for a trip so knew the risks and what it could be like.
      I will write up a “what we did wrong” post over the next week to share our mistakes……

      p.s. typing this with a very sore finger that is still recovering from frost nip (as is Sue on both thumbs)

      p.p.s. That being said, for some strange reason Sue is keen to head back there n February…..

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