Sunshine Coast Walks Festival

I can feel my Overland Track fitness regime is going well, as I now trudge up my hill with far fewer rest stops and much less puffing.

To add a bit of variety to my regime, and also make the most of the fabulous sunny winter day on Saturday, we headed off on the 10km round trip up the range from home in Hunchy to Montville. The main road is closed to cars due to a huge chunk of it having slipped down the hill in last summer’s big wet, so we walkers can enjoy a peaceful walk up the leaf strewn bitumen road all the way to Montville township.

With some vegies from the Farmers’ Market and the latest edition of Great Walks magazine stowed in the daypack, we headed back down the hill for lunch and a read on our sunny verandah.

I read good magazines like Great Walks from cover to cover, including the ads, so I settled in for a pleasant sojourn drooling over the photos and fantasising that I was the person in the adventure stories. I wondered what I could write about to win the Keen boots competition, then turned the page to Footnotes, and read with a start that Australia’s only Walking Festival is to be held here in the Sunshine Coast hinterland from August 19 to 28. WOW!

A quick click on the Sunshine Coast Walks Festival website showed the great range of walks planned, ranging from short guided walks through the area’s historic timber townships, to local restaurant walks, rainforest walks, bush walks and multi day walks. There is also a special self guided short walk that looks at the bush from a child’s perspective.

The Hinterland Great Walks section runs for 58 kilometres through a variety of spectacularly scenic country. During those two weeks I am going to do some of the walks to add variety to my OT fitness regime, and to support this terrific festival.

We have a couple of spare beds and 10 acres of great grass at our place, and anyone who would like to enjoy these lovely sunny winter walks in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland is most welcome to come and camp.

To read more about the Festival, click on the big button below!

Sunshine Coast Walks Festival

Hope to see you here.



  1. says


    Might just take you up on that offer, I love the hinterland but have only been hiking a little bit around that area. Will have to talk to my partner about going to the festival I’m keen for a late winter hike/camping trip.

    • Georgie says

      Hi Rob
      That would be great, you are most welcome to stay. We have plenty of room and a big BBQ. The hinterland is always brilliant in winter, our dry season, especially after the big wet we had last summer. The rainforests are still dripping, streams babbling and waterfalls roaring. Great walks. Hope to see you here. Regards, Georgie

  2. Jade Craven says

    Oooh! Desperate to get away and love queensland, so may take you up on that Are you going to try and do the whole 58 km?

    • Georgie says

      Hi Jade. We have done most of the walks individually, so we know they are all very nice walks. How much we do depends on who makes it up here and what they would like to see. There are a range of walks from about an hour to overnighters. We are happy to do some or all. It would be great to have you come and stay, as I am a bit of a fan of yours! I am off to Melbourne on Tuesday and will get to meet two of my other heroes – Sue and Frank Wall – when I go to their place for a sleepover. I have a nifty Queensland gift for Frank – he will go bananas when he sees it! Regards, Georgie

      • Jade Craven says

        I live in the same city as frank :-) We could totally catch up if you are free. *blushes* I’ve bee reading your stuff for some time, and have been jealous at your growing fitness levels. I’m as unfit as they come after being glued to the computer this year.

        • Frank says

          Ah Jade! I have sent you a message re a catch up with Georgie the wonder woman in Geelong Wed. She is going to show me her “special” uphill walking technique. Will video and share it here!

      • Frank says

        Tent is up in the back yard ready for Georgie. Hope the weather is kind……. bananas? Wow, need a loan to buy them here….

        • Georgie says

          Oh, Frank, I am sorry, but I misread your invitation. I thought you said the tent in the backyard has jaw dropping views, but then I read it correctly … that is has dog dropping views. Think I might take you up on that softer option of a bed inside the house!
          Yep, you will go bananas when you see my small gift. Regards, Georgie

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