Our Hiking Blog – Update 2011

It’s the start of a New Year and we are EXCITED.

Well, let’s just say,  mildly pumped and looking forward to a great year around here.

Just some background to explain why we have written this article.

Circumstances have conspired that we are now both working full time.  Until mid last year, Sue was about three days a week and Frank has scraped by on two days a week (for the last three months)  As part of a “long term strategy” we think making a few dollars while our children have left (or are leaving) home will set us up for some travel and  adventures in the next few years.

On to business. In this article there are three sections:

  • New stuff for 2011
  • Welcome to Georgie Bull, our new contributer
  • How to win a $10,000 Grampians adventure

New stuff for 2011

A few things have been happening in the background in the three months while Frank was working “part time”.

  1. We have created a new website – it’s called Cradlemountain.net , you guessed it, it’s about Cradle Mountain in Tasmania but it is designed differently to here. It’s an information site all about what to do, what to see and where to stay.
    • it’s very new but going along ok, there are some great articles there.
    • It includes a free guide called “5 Fun things to do at Cradle Mountain” which includes a day walk map. It has not been released yet because Bill, our design guy has been battling Cyclone Yasi in Townsville and may not have electricity  for many days. We will let you know when you can grab it.
  2. A new chapter for  Food to Go, How to us a Trangia, is ready to be included in the book.
    • Georgie Bull (see her introduction below) wrote up this chapter which will be available free to anyone who has purchased Food to Go. The only hold up is the technical side (read waiting for Bill) Once we sort it out, anyone who purchased the book will receive an email and a free download link.
  3. How to Hike the Overland Track (our other eBook) is being  totally overhauled and modernised. We have updated a lot of the information and added a couple of sections.  Again, it will be released free to everyone who has purchased it.  Again, waiting for Bill to get power so he can finish it off.
  4. Food to Go Lite – this is a new “mini version” of Food to Go that is about to be commenced.  We have been tossing around for a while the need for a simpler version, written for school groups or others that just want to shops at the supermarket and grab their food for a few days away.  There is no release date yet as the writing and editing are only just beginning.

Welcome to Georgie Bull

One other decision has been to invite a regular contributer and mate of our’s, Georgie Bull, to write one article each week to Our Hiking Blog.  We feel we need to publish articles more regularly, and with us both working full time, decided to get Georgie on board. 

Her first article will be published soon.

We asked Georgie to introduce herself…..

Hello, fellow Our Hiking Blog-ers.

My name is Georgie and I live in the south-east corner of stunningly beautiful Queensland, Australia.

I discovered Our Hiking Blog mid 2009, while looking for reliable information to prepare for my first Overland Track walk.  I was impressed with the amount of detailed, up-to-date information Frank and Sue made available on their site.  I sent Frank dozens of email questions – he generously answered every one, but I ended up buying their Overland Track ebook so I could stop hassling him.

I am a rather dawdly but enthusiastic 60 year old, who is head over heels in love with Tasmania’s wilderness areas, particularly Cradle Mountain- Lake St Clair National Park and the Great Western Tiers.  I am usually the last to arrive at the huts because I stop often to take in all the beauty the OT abundantly offers.  I always stay in the huts overnight so I can listen to the wonderful stories my fellow walkers tell.  I dehydrate all my own hiking food, and love to experiment with scroggins.  I also love my new boots.

I enjoy ferreting out interesting snippets about hiking gear and new gadgets that guarantee to make walking easier and more fun – I remember being particularly impressed with a solar powered blender Frank came across, and suggested it would be very handy for mincing up road kill.

I look forward to sharing some oddball and some true stories with you over the next few months, and I also look forward to reading your responses, experiences and ideas.

Regards and happy walking.

Georgie Bull

How to win a $10,000 Grampians adventure

We received an email last week regarding this fantastic competition. Rather than rewriting the “blurb” we have included it below.  Just a short note though, the 10 course degustation at the Royal Mail Hotel (the Age Good Food Guide Restaurant of the Year in 2010) would be very much worth winning.

Just to a quick email to let you both know that there’s a $10,000 holiday to the Grampians up for grabs which includes a full-day adventure tour with BSK Adventures and a 4WD tour of the region!

Launched today by Tourism Victoria and Australian Geographic magazine, the promotion highlights the fantastic nature-based experiences on offer in the Grampians and includes return flights from a capital city; a full-day photography master-class with Nikon Ambassador Mark Watson; a 4WD Wild Nature Tour which takes in the local lookouts (Boroka Lookout, Mackenzie Falls, Reed Lookout) and rock formations (Venus Baths, Grand Canyon etc); a guided tour of Halls Gap Zoo; a 10-course degustation at the Royal Mail Hotel including an overnight stay and three nights’ accommodation at the five-star Boroka Downs.

A highlight is the full day adventure tour with BSK which has been specially designed for the promotion and includes mountain biking through Halls Gap, Kayaking on Lake Bellfield and hiking through some fantastic walking trails with great panoramas of the area.

For more information about how to win this priceless experience, and The Grampians’ bounty of breathtaking nature-based attractions, go to www.visitgrampians.com.au.

I thought the readers of ‘Our Hiking Blog’ might be interested as it’s a fantastic prize for lovers of hiking and adventure.

Please note that the comp closes on Tuesday 1 March.

Phew, sorry about the long article, hope you have made it to the end. Cheers!
Frank and Sue
Image: Cook Cottage via Flickr


  1. says

    Hi Georgie,
    I hope you fared well in the recent weather up your way.

    I would be interested to hear about your new boots. I need a new pair myself. Just not sure about finding out if you have a recipe for road kill!

    • Georgie says

      Thanks, Greenie, we got through the floods, but had to cancel our Christmas hiking holiday to NZ. We have horses and cattle and our fences kept getting washed away.

      My new boots are so wonderful they prompted me to write some boot stores which you can read on OHB over the next few weeks.

      Have you seen the Road Kill Cookbook available at the Lake St Clair interpretation centre? It is fabulous!!


  2. Sarina says

    Can’t wait to hear about your boots too Georgie – mine are dying a slow painful death. They’ve lasted me 11 or so years, so I shouldn’t complain.

    • Georgie says

      Hi Sarina
      Wow, you must look after your boots well, to get them to last that long. Hey, that is a great topic for a ‘boot’ story, How to look after your boots. Thanks for that inspiration. A fellow walker on my first OT walk hadn’t checked her old boots before she left home, and on the first day the soles departed – from the rest of the boot!! We all spent the next 6 days duct taping her soles back on, and she had a miserable walk. New boots will be great fun to get know. Good luck. G

    • Frank says

      It’s a good plan Ken, I was doing two for a while then tinkering with my “own” stuff for the site. I think we all need something useful to do in the time though like a project, volunteering etc.

  3. Steve Cockburn says

    Thanks Frank for the info. I’ve entered with hi hopes!! Regards. Hope the full time work is not too restricting . Steve C

  4. says

    I am looking forward to getting to know Georgie and learning more about the Cradlemountain area from across the world.

    Frank and Sue ya just gotta love this stage in life. The possibilities are endless!


    • Georgie says

      Hi Rockin – thanks for that. We would like to hear about your part of the world, too. Where are you right now? Hopefully you have a trip to Oz on your ‘100 things I gotta do’ list. You will love it!! G

  5. Frank says

    Steve – Good luck – that is a fantastic trip

    Rockin – thanks! Yes, the possibilities ARE endless once we stop working so hard!! Although Sue is dointh the Ovarland Track in April and we are heading over to Cambodia again for a couple of weeks in September.

    Sarina & Greenie: Hi from down here!

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